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Are Your Goods Covered For Loss Or Damage While In Transit? Can I Change My Move-In Date? – Collegian Movers Inc. Can I move jewelry or items of extraordinary value? Can I Rent Warehouse Storage Space? Can you accommodate a last minute move? Can You Help Me Pack For My Last Minute Move? Can you Provide a Certificate of Insurance? Do the best moving and storage companies near you offer storage? Do the movers arrive with boxes on move day? Do The Movers Disassemble Furniture? Do You Offer House Furniture Removal? Do you offer insurance coverage for moves? Do you offer temporary storage? Do You Sell Packing Products? FAQ’s: What Is Your Happiness Guarantee? How do I access my full service storage vault? How Do I Make An Office Relocation Checklist? How do I plan an office relocation? How Far In Advance Should You Schedule Your Move? How much do long distance movers cost? How Much Do Packing Services Cost? How much does it cost to move? How Much Should I Tip My Movers? How To Move Art, Antiques, & Valuables How to Pack a Kitchen In-Home Moving Estimate in CT: What You Need to Know Is Collegian Movers licensed and insured? Move everything on my moving checklist Piano Moving Insurance – Collegian Movers Inc. Storage FAQ’s: How Is My Storage Unit Protected? What Are Your Long Distance Payment Terms? What Do I Do If I Need To Change My Moving Inventory List? What information do I need for a piano moving estimate? What is a last minute move? What is moving insurance? What is the best time to move my business? What payment options do Collegian Movers accept? What Should I Expect When Moving? When do I pay for my move?

Are Your Goods Covered For Loss Or Damage While In Transit?

You want to make sure your goods are covered in case an accident or loss occurs while they are in our care. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right valuation option.

The valuation option you select determines the basis upon which any claim will be adjusted and establishes the maximum liability of Collegian Movers. The liability of Collegian Movers for loss or damage is based upon Collegian’s tariffs, as well as federal laws and regulations, and has certain limitations and exclusions. To be clear, valuation is not insurance. It is simply a tariff-based level of motor carrier liability. If you desire insurance, you should consult your insurance company representative about available insurance coverage or check to see if you are covered under your home or renters insurance policy.

Full-Value Protection (FVP)

Under this protection plan, if any article happens to get lost, destroyed, or damaged while under Collegian Movers‘ interstate authority, it will either 1) repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by Collegian or pay you for the cost of such repairs; or 2) replace the article with an article of like kind and quality or pay you for the cost of such a replacement. An additional charge applies for this option and is included upfront in every estimate. Collegian Movers will determine the appropriate settlement method to be used.

Collegian’s total liability for loss or damage will not exceed the amount you declare as the value of your shipment.

Released Value Liability (basic protection / 60 cents per pound per article)

With this type of valuation, Collegian’s maximum liability for loss or damage to an article in the shipment is 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the article. This is the basic liability level and is provided at no charge.

All claims are subject to a $250.00 deductible.

Can I Change My Move-In Date? – Collegian Movers Inc.

If you need to make a change to your move date, please call the office as soon as you know about it. Then, notify the move coordinator that booked your move. They will work with you to accommodate changes to your schedule. Changes to your move date may affect the price of your move. We cannot guarantee that a date will be available for you if you are making a last-minute change. In general, we do not work on Sundays. However, there are instances when a Sunday move may be possible. For further information about available dates, please contact your move coordinator.

Can I move jewelry or items of extraordinary value?

Extraordinary value items* should be carried with you during a move. Items considered to be of extraordinary value are any article that is irreplaceable, sentimentally valuable to you, or expensive. These articles include jewelry, money, photographs, antiques, and stamp collections. Additionally, we recommend that you pack all important documents yourself and not move them with the rest of your household goods. We know losing these items will cause stress and we want to assure their safety at all times and that is why we recommend you move them yourself.

However, extraordinary valued items can be included in your shipment, if you follow these simple steps.

  • Notify us prior to the packing date or moving day (about the items).
  • List all items of extraordinary value separately on the bill of lading.
  • Include the current value for each listed item.
  • Declare all items in writing.
  • No coverage provided for any item not listed.

Follow these steps to ensure that your extraordinary value* claim does not have minimal liability. First, complete and sign the Cargo Coverage Options form. Then, choose and sign Option 2: Actual Cash Value (ACV). And, finally, declare your extraordinary valued items along with their current value.

If you do not wish to declare any articles of extraordinary value, please complete and sign the Cargo Coverage Options form and choose and sign Option 1. You must also complete and sign the Release of Liability form.

*In the moving industry, we consider items of extraordinary value to be an item worth over $5,000, or worth over $100.00 per pound.


Below is a list of valuable and extraordinary items you should pack and move on your own during any relocation:

  • Birth certificates, passports and other forms of identification
  • Medications
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Collectible items (stamp or coin collections)
  • Photos
  • Sentimental items
  • Personal electronics
  • Important documents

Can I Rent Warehouse Storage Space?

We specialize in commercial business storage solutions. Our solutions provide businesses with a safe and secure rental warehouse storage space. We do not require long-term commitments or a long-term contract. In fact, we offer temporary, short-term, and long-term storage options. Besides that, all of these storage rental options have a month-to-month lease. So, you can rent storage warehouse space on a month-to-month basis.

Our warehouse storage facilities are useful to Commercial Clients. As a result, we have several corporate clients who use commercial business storage to store their extra business furniture systems and unused office furniture with us. Our warehouse storage services include commercial storage solutions, business warehousing & inventory control. The warehouse itself contains individual vaulted storage units. Our storage facility features monitored 24/7 monitoring by alarm systems, surveillance equipment, and a fire suppression system. So, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are secure in our safe and secure warehouse storage facilities, managed by our team of storage specialists.

Give our business consultants a call today to reserve your unit and to find out more about how to rent storage warehouse space!


Can you accommodate a last minute move?

Collegian Movers does offer last-minute moving services. We can accommodate a same-day move as long as we have extra manpower and trucks available. In addition, we can pack, load, and move you out one day and deliver your items at a later date if needed or keep your items safe in our secure storage facilities. We know when faced with a last-minute move, you have a lot on your mind.

Our professional emergency moving company knows you don’t need more stress in your life, and we are here to help. We offer moving services to accommodate last minute, emergency moves, and same-day moves. So, when you need moving assistance from a Connecticut Moving Company call the best, Collegian Movers. Additionally, we welcome last minute long distance moves, at no additional charge. Please read our page on last-minute moving services to schedule your move or book your move online using our last minute move scheduler.

Can You Help Me Pack For My Last Minute Move?

We often hear from our clients “can you help me pack?” Packing can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when you are moving last minute. A simple solution is to hire our professional packers to reduce your labor burden.

Hiring packers is often necessary with last-minute moves. It helps to speed up the process. We offer full-packing services including, packing, unpacking, disposal, plus moving services to help get the job done quickly.

To book these services, call our office and speak with one of our professional salespeople. They can help you make decisions about the packing services you need.

Additionally, please read at our Moving Tips for more detailed information about Packing Supplies and Packing Tips. You will find a wealth of useful information to help you with the overall packing process.

Can you Provide a Certificate of Insurance?

Upon request, Collegian Movers can provide a certificate of insurance (COI) for your move. If this is a requirement for your move, you must request it in advance. We need to be notified, at a minimum,  2 days prior to your move date. We need time to request this from our insurance company. It is not an uncommon request that we receive from movers.

This is especially true when moving into an apartment building, or any property with building managers. Most building managers of these types of properties require a COI for any moving company that works on the premises. So, don’t wait, speak with one of our moving consultants for more information about certificates of insurance today.

What is a certificate of insurance (COI)?

A certificate of insurance is a document that provides evidence of insurance coverage. Our insurance company issues these on request. A third party uses the COI to verify that the insured has a valid insurance policy.

The certificate typically contains important information about the insurance policy. In addition, it may require the name of the insured, policy number, coverage type, policy limits, and effective and expiration dates.

A COI is a common request from people who are moving. Movers are asked to provide it to the management company as evidence of insurance.

Why do I need a certificate of insurance?

You may need a certificate of insurance for a variety of reasons, depending on your specific circumstances. Some common reasons why you might need a certificate of insurance include:

  1. Proof of insurance coverage: Third-party verification of insurance coverage evidence is why management companies require a COI.
  2. Contractual obligations: If you are moving into a new building or apartment, they may require you to provide them with a COI. The management company of the building requires this to ensure that you have adequate coverage for any potential liabilities or damages.
  3. Compliance with regulations: Law requires Professional moving companies to carry insurance. A certificate of insurance can be provided to demonstrate compliance with regulations.
  4. Peace of mind: Knowing that you have adequate insurance coverage to protect you can provide you with peace of mind

In summary, a certificate of insurance is a valuable document. It provides proof of insurance coverage, fulfills contractual obligations, complies with regulations, and provides a feeling of security.

How do I request a COI for my upcoming move?

To request a certificate of insurance (COI), you will need to contact your moving company and provide them with the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information: Provide your name, phone number, email address, and any other contact information required by your insurer.
  2. A sample COI: The building you are moving into should provide you with an email with their exact specifications. They need to provide you with the exact name and address they want on the COI.
  3. The purpose of the certificate: The certificate is a security measure that buildings take to hedge against accidents or mishaps that may occur during a move-in or move-out.
  4. Any special requirements: If the third party requesting the certificate has specific requirements, such as minimum coverage amounts or additional insured endorsements, make sure to communicate these to your insurance company or broker.

Once you have provided this information to the moving company, they should be able to generate a COI and send it to you or the third party that requested it. It’s important to review the certificate carefully to make sure it accurately reflects your insurance coverage and meets the requirements of the party requesting it.

Do the best moving and storage companies near you offer storage?

Are you searching for the best moving and storage companies near you?

Look no further than Collegian Movers for the best moving and storage companies near you! We offer top-notch storage solutions that are both affordable and secure.

Convenient and Hassle-Free Storage Options at Our Centrally-Located Warehouse in Milford, CT

Our centrally located 25,000-square-foot warehouse is the perfect place to store your items, whether you need short-term or long-term storage options. Our full-service storage facility makes storing your items easy. We handle all the lifting and moving for you. All you have to do is tell us what you need to store, and we take care of the rest. The warehouse-type storage is located at 674 Naugatuck Ave., Milford, CT 06461 between Riverside Drive and Kent Street in Milford CT.

Secure Storage Solutions at Collegian Movers

At Collegian Movers, we understand that your belongings are important to you. That’s why we take extra precautions. Our aim is to keep your items safe and secure while in our care. The storage facility has clean, vaulted, and secure options. We also offer flexible storage solutions to fit your needs, whether you need to store a few items or an entire household.

Flexible Options for Short and Long-Distance Moves.

If you need storage for a short-distance move near you or a long-distance move, we’ve got you covered. We designed our storage options to fit any budget. So, rest easy and know that your belongings are in good hands, without breaking the bank.

Reserve Your Space Today!

When you choose Collegian Movers for your storage needs, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and secure. We take pride in providing top-notch storage solutions to our clients, and we look forward to serving you. Contact us today to reserve your extra space and experience the best moving and storage services near you! You’ll be happy you did!

Tips on Storing your Furniture with Collegian Movers.

Storing furniture during a move requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that your items remain in good condition. The following are some tips on the best way to store furniture when moving:

  1. Take furniture apart:

  2. Disassembling furniture not only makes it easier to store but also helps prevent damage during transportation. Remove any detachable parts such as legs, cushions, or glass tops, and pack them separately.
  3. Clean and dry furniture, clothing, and household goods:

  4. Before storing items, clean and dry them thoroughly. This helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or dust, and allow it to dry completely before storing.
  5. Use protective covers:

  6. Protect your furniture from scratches and dust by wrapping it in protective covers such as bubble wrap or moving blankets. This will also help prevent any damage that could occur during transportation.
  7. Choose the right storage unit:

  8. When selecting a storage unit, choose one that is clean, dry, and climate-controlled. This will help protect your furniture from extreme temperatures, humidity, and pests.
  9. Use proper storage techniques:

  10. When storing furniture, it is best to stack items vertically. This saves space and places the heavy items at the bottom of the load. Use furniture sliders or dollies to move heavy items, and avoid leaning furniture against the walls of the storage unit.
  11. Label and organize items:

  12. Label each item and keep an inventory list to help you find items quickly when you need them. Organize your items by category, such as chairs, tables, or sofas, to make it easier to access specific items when necessary.


By following these tips, you can ensure that your furniture remains in good condition during storage and transportation. If you need assistance storing your furniture, consider working with our professional moving and storage companies.

Do the movers arrive with boxes on move day?

It is best to be packed and ready to move on move day. However, our moving crews arrive prepared for all situations. So, if you need boxes or other materials, they will be available for you at the job site. If you have specific needs or are not fully packed, it is best to alert the dispatcher on the day of the move. He can then assure that the movers arrive with the right amount of boxes on move day to make your move go smoothly. Alternatively, you can order moving supplies to be delivered to your home prior to moving day, or stop by the office to pick up the supplies you need in advance.

Do The Movers Disassemble Furniture?

Collegian Mover Moving Crews Carry Tool Kits To Disassemble & Assemble Furniture. This service is free of charge when moving. However, please note that if you elect to have the moving crews disassemble and reassemble your furniture, it will add extra time to your move. Therefore, it may end up costing you more money if you choose not to do this yourself. Our movers carry tools with them to assemble furniture. It is best to notify the dispatcher if you have a particular piece of furniture that requires disassembly and assembly. When items are taken apart, please be sure to place small parts into a bag to keep them together for future use.

Do You Offer House Furniture Removal?

Furniture Removal & Disposal

Yes. We offer house furniture removal and disposal services. We recycle & donate used items. Collegian Movers works with charitable organizations to give new life to unwanted, yet usable items. Additionally, we can remove your furniture and bring it to a new location or keep it safe for you in our storage facility.

Our moving crews can remove an entire house of furniture or simply the few pieces of furniture you need to get rid. Our furniture removal services are especially handy when you have new furniture being delivered. As most furniture companies do not offer removal services.

For more tips on furniture removal and or how to dispose of furniture, see our blog post on How To Get Organized And Declutter. It talks about organizational method and has a list of removal and donation centers with in Connecticut. If you need help with house furniture removal, give us a call. We’d be happy to lend a hand.

Do you offer insurance coverage for moves?

We do not sell insurance; we are a moving company and are therefore not legally allowed to sell insurance. Insurance is only sold by licensed agents. We do however we do offer moving cargo coverage options:

  • Full-Value Coverage Cargo – coverage is for items declared pre-trip, from a pickup, packing or crating, transport and delivery. It must be purchased prior to your move.


  • Released Value Coverage (.60¢/lbs.) – We provide this coverage FREE for every move.

Additionally, we recommend checking with your current company insurance policy to see if it covers your goods during the move.

All claims are subject to a $250.00 deductible.

Do you offer temporary storage?

Some of our locations have on-site storage which provides our clients with temporary storage options. Our moving services accommodate overnight storage, hold-over storage, and temporary storage. When a holdover is necessary, our moving crews safely store your items on our trucks or in our warehouse. In addition, our moving services include long-term storage solutions for people who are moving long-distance or overseas. Our storage warehouse is able to store your items for a few weeks, months or years.

In addition, we offer storage in transit (SIT) for those who need overnight storage to be held on our moving trucks for next day delivery. This type of storage is very handy when your closings are on different dates.

Depending on the reason you need temporary storage in the first place, you may want to rent a unit that best fits your needs. Call us today to discuss your storage options.

Do You Sell Packing Products?

Moving Boxes & Packing Products

Are you getting ready to move, but still need boxes and packing products? Well, you are in luck, because Collegian Movers sells moving boxes, storage boxes, and packing products. So, to make things easy for you, you can purchase your moving supplies from us. We have the moving products and services for all of your local pickup needs. We offer new and used boxes and other packing materials. Most importantly, our boxes are made for moving. This is important for moving your items safely. It adds an extra layer of security to your packed items.

Collegian Movers sells moving boxes and other packing products for all your moving needs. Our boxes are made for moving. They are sturdy and heavyweight which is important for moving your items safely, adding an extra layer of security for your packed items.

FAQ’s: What Is Your Happiness Guarantee?

Happiness Guarantee Logo

Backed by the COLLEGIAN MOVERS Happiness Guarantee! 

Your happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

When looking for estimates on the internet make sure you only work with an established and highly rated company. Do your homework!

  • Collegian Movers has been in the moving and storage business since 1989
  • We employ seasoned professional estimators
  • All of our drivers and movers are highly trained PROMOVERS – AMSA Trained
  • The Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating
  • Guaranteed flat-rate pricing on out of state moves – ask us about this

We pride ourselves on delivering to you the best possible moving experience.

How do I access my full service storage vault?

Collegian’s CT Storage is a full-service storage facility. We do not offer self-storage units. We pick up and move your storage items. Next, we carefully pack and inventory your items. And finally, we loaded them into your personal storage vault within our warehouse. When you need to access your storage in Connecticut, simply contact Collegian Movers to schedule access to your storage units. Storage access is based on availability and made by an appointment for a small charge. A pro mover will assist you with access to your storage units. Alternatively, you can call and ask us to deliver specific items from your inventory list. Our crew will deliver them at a convenient time for you.

Check out our blog for ideas on How to Get Organized and Declutter before moving into Storage?

How Do I Make An Office Relocation Checklist?

Making sure nothing is forgotten in an office move requires organization. To ensure all of your things are accounted for when moving your office, use our office relocation checklist during your final walkthrough.

After the movers have loaded the final boxes, do a walkthrough of the space. Be sure to include every room in the building and check the following items on our list. Additionally, we recommend taking pictures as a precaution.

Office Relocation Checklist (Final Office Walk Through)

  • Is desk empty?
  • Supply cabinets cleared?
  • File cabinets cleared?
  • File drawers locked?
  • Check for removal of all items
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Computers and other machines disconnected?
  • “Do Not Move” tags placed?
  • Liquids drained from equipment?
  • Desk pads and chair pads labeled?
  • Have a set of spare keys available.
  • Test that the Internet connection works and that the phones and fax machines are working properly.
    • The sooner you get back to work, the sooner you can continue working and making money.
  • Make sure the electricity works.
  • Check to assure the bathrooms work.
  • Don’t forget to throw away (or use as scratch paper) any old stationery that has your old address on it.
  • Remember to create new stationery with the new business address on it too.

How do I plan an office relocation?

Are you preparing for your office relocation, non-profit, office, school, library, real estate agency, or other community organization / professional space? You need a good office relocation action plan. Planning and preparation are the first steps towards assuring a successful commercial move. The planning phase generally begins about 6 to 12 weeks before the move. This is when you begin to collect the data you need to create your move plan. Also, be sure to determine what is to be packed, moved, and eliminated. Finally, you need to identify where the items belong in the new space. Furthermore, special office move planning is essential to avoiding headaches, staying on time, and on budget throughout the move.

5 Steps to a Successful Commercial Move

    • Planning (Establish scope, budget, and timing)
    • Preparation (Determine which moving services you need)
    • Timing (Coordinate your move around your business schedule)
    • Packing (Eliminate, pack, and label everything)
    • Moving (Our professional and uniformed movers will handle every aspect of your project)

How Far In Advance Should You Schedule Your Move?

When you schedule your move early, you have a better chance to secure the exact moving date(s) you require. Additionally, it allows you to plan your move with less stress and even more time. And, although we have the ability to handle last-minute moves, we highly recommend that you book your move as far in advance as possible.

If you are moving into an apartment, your residence may have insurance requirements. Additionally, it may have limited moving access, or you may need elevator reservations. In these cases, we recommend booking your move for at least two weeks in advance.

Most importantly, remember that if you are moving in the summer, be sure to book your move early. Summer is the height of the moving season. According to statistical data, roughly 65% of all residential moves in the U.S. take place between May and September.

How much do long distance movers cost?

The cost of a long-distance move depends upon the distance you are moving and the number of items you are moving. By filling out our online form, we can help you to determine the size of your move. The price of your move may increase or decrease depending on how you choose to customize your move. Here are four important questions to consider when you are moving.

  • Are you packing yourself?
  • Do you want to include packing services?
  • Do you require storage?
  • Do you require cargo coverage?

Packing yourself greatly reduces the cost of moving. You can review our packing services if needed. Remember that your items should be fully packed before the actual move date. Additionally, storage is available for both the long term and the short term. Long-term storage may be necessary for items that may not fit into your new location. Short-term storage may be necessary if your closing gets delayed. Lastly, will you be adding additional cargo coverage to your move? We provide an accurate estimate to you before you move. So, you always know how much your long distance move costs before you hire us.

Follow our Relocation Blog for Movers to find out How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move.

How Much Do Packing Services Cost?

Collegian Movers provides affordable packing services and unpacking services for your entire home or business. Additionally, we create custom crating or specialty packing for select items that you would rather entrust to our professionals. If you are in Connecticut, including the Fairfield and New Haven counties, and don’t feel like packing, just let our movers and packers take care of it for you. We will help you pack and unpack all of the belongings that you are moving in record time. Just let us know what you need!

Packing services are billed at an hourly rate. So, once your move is set up and your hourly rate is provided, it is easy to calculate. The rate takes into consideration the number of movers and packers you have working for you at one time. In general, the more people you have working for your the quicker the job gets completed.

How much does it cost to move?

The cost of a move depends upon many factors and can vary drastically. By filling out our online estimate form, we can help you to determine the size of your move and provide you with an accurate estimate before you move. The moving quote is a free no-obligation estimate. Therefore, you will know how much your move will cost and can whey your options before deciding upon a mover.

If you decide you do want to move with us, you can easily book and confirm your move online, with the click of a button. Additionally, if you would like additional moving tips on how to reduce the cost of your move, check out our blog article on moving costs. We look forward to working with you.

How Much Should I Tip My Movers?

Wondering How Much To Tip Movers? You are not alone! Our moving prices do not include gratuity. Tipping is optional and greatly appreciated by our movers. So, if the movers did a great job, please feel free to tip them.

Important to note, there is no “average tip.” However, as a guideline, tips for movers range from 5% of the total bill to $20 per man. Plus, if you had a complicated move, took a long time, or the movers were exceptional, it is alright to tip movers more.

Just so you know, a complicated move includes those with narrow or winding stairs, a steep lot, far away parking, or very heavy furniture. Likewise, if your move took the moving crew 12 hours to move or to pack your home, that is considered a long day.

In either of these cases, you may want to consider tipping a larger amount. Proper etiquette is to tip each mover individually. Do not give the lump sum to the foreman of the job.

If at the last minute, you realize that you forgot to get cash for the movers tip, or you feel awkward handing out cash each individual movers, simply call the office and ask your move coordinator to add an amount to your bill of lading.

How To Move Art, Antiques, & Valuables

How Do I Move Art, Antiques, Valuables?

Planning to move art, antiques, valuables on your own? Use these moving and packing tips to prevent damage or breakage during your move.

  • Have your fine art items appraised and insured by a qualified professional.
  • Take the time to learn how to pack your valuables and use quality packing supplies
    • Double- and triple-walled cartons
    • Stretch wrap and cushioning wrap
    • Packing tape
    • Fine tissue and Kraft paper
  • Be sure to mark all the boxed as FRAGILE, so everyone with the knowledge to handle them with care
  • Check out all of our packing suggestions so you can do it yourself the right way.

Still, don’t feel like you are confident in your packing or moving skills? Give Collegian Movers a call. We’d be happy to lend a steady hand. Our movers are trained to take care of your precious pieces. We assure you they arrive safely and are treated with the finest care.

How to Pack a Kitchen

When packing up a kitchen, you need to have many items of varying sizes. Therefore, you need to have boxes in varying sizes, as not all items fit into the same size box.

In general, the most common box used to pack a kitchen is called a China Box or Dish Barrel. The size of this box is 5.2 cubic feet.

China boxes are well constructed for fragile items such as china, dishes, stemware, and crystal. They are corrugated cartons and are commonly used for packing the kitchen and dining room.

How to Pack a Kitchen

It is recommended when packing up your kitchenware to add two layers of bubble wrap or packing paper on the bottom of each box. By protecting your dishes in bubble wrap or with crushed paper you add an extra level of cushioning to your fragile items. It also helps to eliminate the shifting of items inside the heavy-duty moving boxes.

Then, wrap each piece of dinnerware with a thin layer of packing paper and stack them one at a time in the box. Again, add an extra layer of bubble wrap or paper in between every three dishes. It is best to stack the dishes vertically, on their edges, rather than one on top of another, as they are less likely to break this way.

For silverware, we recommend wrapping each similar type of silverware (knives with knives, spoons with spoons, etc.) with a rubber band. This keeps them together. Next, place all of the silverware into one smaller-sized box, and finally tape it closed with packing tape.

Kitchen Packing Materials

In addition to various sized boxes, pick up the following must-have packing supplies:

  • Heavy-duty boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Colored markers/packing stickers

Packing a Kitchen

Take care with your packing of kitchenware. Wrap each item and allow for cushioning in between items. This reduces your risk of finding broken dishes and shattered wine glasses when you open the boxes in your new location.

Lastly, using colored markers and stickers to label your moving boxes makes it easy to find your kitchenware items in your new home.

If you need more help packing your kitchen, our professional movers and packers are here to help.

In-Home Moving Estimate in CT: What You Need to Know

Everything You Should Know About In-Home Moving Estimates in CT

If you’re planning a move within Connecticut, an in-home moving estimate can provide you with an accurate moving quote. During an in-home estimate, a professional estimator from a moving company visits your home. They assess the items you need to move. And, then provide you with a detailed breakdown of moving costs and services needed.

Here are some things you should know about in-home moving estimates:

  • An in-home visual estimate can be more accurate than a phone or online estimate. This is because the professional estimator takes note of any special requirements or challenges that may arise on move day, and visualizes the move firsthand.
  • During the in-home estimate, the estimator takes an inventory of your belongings. Additionally, he measures any bulky furniture and asks about any household items that require special handling or packing.
  • Based on the information gathered during the in-home estimate, the estimator provides a detailed breakdown of the moving costs. These include additional services such as packing, short-term holdover storage, or long-term warehouse storage.
  • This is an excellent time to ask any questions you may have about your upcoming move. Remember to include any additional stops or special requests you may have for your move.
  • An in-home estimate is the best answer for sizeable short-distance moves and long-distance moves. They can be a crucial step in the relocation phttps://bestmove.com/packing-services/rocess.

Estimates Help Prepare You For Your Move

In addition to providing an accurate estimate of the cost of your move, an in-home estimate can also help you prepare for your move. You’ll be able to discuss any concerns you may have with the estimator. The quote helps to prepare you for your move by providing details about the moving process and the costs involved. This can help you to avoid any surprises on your moving day.

In conclusion, if you’re planning a move to Connecticut, an in-home moving estimate can be a valuable tool. It provides a plan which can ensure that your move goes smoothly. No matter, if you’re planning a large residential move or a long-distance move, an in-home estimate can be a crucial step in your relocation process.

You can also receive a cost estimate through a phone or online conversation, but an in-home estimate provides a visual assessment of your items.

Is Collegian Movers licensed and insured?

Collegian Movers Inc is an insured & licensed CT moving company. We are licensed by both the State of Connecticut and the Federal DOT agencies. Per our license agreements, we are required to carry “Workers Compensation” for our workers and insurance on all our vehicles. In addition, all of our moving crew members are drug-tested, background checked and provided with hands-on training to assure they meet our 98% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Our CT LIC. # is C-589
  • U.S. DOT. # is 482141
  • ICC MC # is 252992

Collegian Movers & Storage offers professional local and long-distance moving services, as well as packing and storage. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with complete customer satisfaction throughout your moving process. So, please call the office at (203) 283-5044 to discuss any questions you may have regarding our licensing and insurance. We would be more than happy to speak with you.

Move everything on my moving checklist

Absolutely. Here at Collegian Movers, we can help you move just about anything.  We’ve likely already moved something like it before. We’ll help you check items off your moving checklist until the job is complete. Remember, first you should start to plan your relocation at least 2 to 3 months prior to your move date. This way you have enough time to execute your move plan. Secondly, be sure to also put your important documents in a safe place for transport. Thirdly, you’ll have extra time to de-clutter your home and to create a moving checklist of things that need to be moved and packed. So, call us today. Tell us what it is you need to be moved, when you need it moved, and where it’s going. And, we will take care of the rest.

Piano Moving Insurance – Collegian Movers Inc.

We do not sell insurance. We are a moving company. In fact, legally we cannot sell insurance. However, we do offer something called “Shipment Protection” for piano moves. In order to add this coverage to your move, you must provide the value of your piano to us in advance of the move. The value should be provided at the time you request your moving quote. Therefore, we can include the valuation coverage in your moving estimate.

2 types of Shipment Protection options for pianos:

  • Full-Value Coverage Cargo – This coverage is for items declared pre-trip, from the pickup, packing or crating, transport and delivery.
  • Released Value Coverage (.60¢/lbs.) – This coverage is provided for FREE for every move.

Storage FAQ’s: How Is My Storage Unit Protected?

Collegian Movers Storage takes great pride in protecting your belongings. We strive to provide you with state-of-the-art Storage Security Systems. Our warehouse is monitored by camera and video surveillance, and secured with multiple alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and well-lit corridors. All of the items in our Connecticut Storage Facilities are inventoried and tagged before being placed in a secure storage vault. Plus, all storage units are individually labeled, locked, and supervised by our in-house warehouse manager. Your items are safe with us.

What Are Your Long Distance Payment Terms?

Interstate and long-distance moving payment terms require payments to be made with a cashier’s check or money order. Tariff provisions require that payment is due, upon arrival at your final destination, before your shipment is unloaded. For corporate moves, make sure your employer pre-arranges an acceptable payment method. Most importantly, be sure to have the method of payment worked out ahead of time to avoid problems on the delivery day. All payments are required on the day of services rendered unless other arrangements are made in advance.


What Do I Do If I Need To Change My Moving Inventory List?

Did you know, you can now completely manage your entire moving inventory list online? We have done this to make the moving process even easier and more time-effective for you. You can simply log into your account and submit a list of items, add additional items, or remove items as your moving needs change.

If you do not have access to a computer, contact your move coordinator either via phone or email. He/she will be happy to assist you with any changes or updates you need over the phone. Keep in mind your cost estimate may change.

One final note, you can only edit your moving inventory list online up until the move has been confirmed. Once your move has been confirmed, you must call the office to edit any of the details of your move.

What information do I need for a piano moving estimate?

5 Things To Know Before Calling For A Piano Moving Estimate

Be sure to have the answers to the following questions, to get the most accurate piano estimate in the least amount of time.

1.) Type of Piano: 

You need to have the Make and Model and Size.

2.) Style of Piano: 

a.) Upright Pianos or Vertical Pianos

Elegant hotel lobby interior with an upright piano moved to the center

b.) Grand Pianos

Black piano moved to a living room. 3d rendering

c.) Digital Pianos or Electric Pianos

Side view of young woman playing electronic piano moved to side of room

3.) Height of Piano:

How Tall is your Piano? The height will determine the # of men needed to make the move, which will affect your piano moving estimate.

a.) Upright Pianos or Vertical Pianos – If your piano is an upright, we will need the measured height and length

1.) Spinet Pianos (Height 35″-37″ Width ~ 58″)

2.) Consolette (Height 38″-39″)

3.) Console (Height 40″-43″ Width ~ 58″)

4.) Studio (Height 45″-48″ Width ~ 58″)

5.) Full Size/ Professional (Height 48″-60″ Width ~ 58″)

b.) Grand Pianos – If your piano is a baby grand, we will need the measured height from the keyboard to the long end.

1.) Petite Grand (Height: 4’5″ – 4’11”)

2.) Baby Grand (Height: 4’11” – 5′ 6″)

3.) Living Room/Parlor/Medium Grand (Height: 5′ 7″ – 6′ 4″)

4.) Ballroom/Semi-Concert Grand (Height 6″ 5″ – 7′ 5″)

5.) Concert Grand (Height 7″ 6″ – 9’+)

c.) Digital Pianos or Electric Pianos

4.) Value of Piano:

What is the Value of your Piano?

5.) Location of Piano:

Where do you want to move your Piano? Please provide the to and from locations; origin and destination locations.

      • Are There Steps Involved with the Move?
      • Are There Any Turns to Get to the New Location?

What is a last minute move?

Last minute moves are considered to be any move that is booked on the same day or one day prior. Don’t hesitate any longer, give us a call so we can best accommodate your desired times and dates. Fill out our Last Minute Moving form to schedule your move or call one of our associates to help you.
Collegian Movers Moving & Storage specializes in last minute moving in Connecticut. Our company understands the added concerns of last-minute moving. If you have an emergency and need to move right away, we understand that you have a lot going on. So, we’ll work with you to make your move as hassle-free as possible.

What is moving insurance?

Collegian Movers does not sell any kind of insurance. Insurance is legally only sold by licensed agents. Regulations only permit moving companies to offer moving cargo coverage options on your shipment.

Moving valuation coverage is a type of policy that protects your belongings during a move. It provides coverage in case your items are lost, damaged, or stolen while they are being transported from one location to another.

Two Types of Valuation Coverage Collegian Movers Offers

  • Full-Value Protection Cargo (FVP) – This type of valuation is only for items declared pre-trip, from pick-up, packing or crating, transport, and delivery. It must be purchased prior to your move. With FVP, you get more extensive coverage than basic coverage, but it is still not the same as using insurance.
  • Released Value Protection (.60¢/lbs.) – We provide this coverage FREE for every move. This valuation is our basic, bare minimum coverage. This coverage provides a limited amount of protection based on the weight of the items being moved. It covers $0.60 per pound per item. For example, if you had a 100-pound dresser that broke during the move, you would receive $60 for it. *It’s important to note that your items are not covered at a market value price.

We recommend that you check your current homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy to see if it covers your goods while you are moving.

All claims are subject to a $250.00 deductible.

Things Not Covered With Valuation Coverage

Some conditions that limit your mover’s liability include:

  • Not informing movers of packed perishable, dangerous, or hazardous materials.
  • Damage to self-packed items or boxes.
  • Failing to inform your mover in writing if any items hold significant value prior to the move.
  • Loss of household goods due to a natural disaster, such as a hurricane.

Third-Party Insurance

You can also purchase moving insurance from a third-party insurance provider. This can provide you with additional protection and peace of mind during your move. Additionally, you might want to check if your homeowners or renters insurance policy already covers the items that your moving company’s insurance does not cover before opting for third-party insurance. Although it’s not very common, it’s still possible that your existing policy already provides such coverage. This is not sold by Collegian Movers.

Do I Need Extra Moving Valuation Coverage?

Whether or not you need moving valuation coverage depends on the value and price of your belongings and your preferences. For example, if you’re moving to Florida during prime hurricane season, it may make sense to opt for insurance to protect against potential water damage. On the other hand, if you’re moving locally and are primarily concerned about the possibility of your movers breaking your cherished William Sonoma plate set, a valuation option may be a better choice.

It’s important to carefully review your moving insurance options and choose the coverage that best meets your needs.

What is the best time to move my business?

Sometimes, when you move is just as important as how you move. At Collegian Movers, when moving a business, we move on your schedule. This provides you with the flexibility and customization you need to keep your business running smoothly. The best time to move your business is generally when things are less busy. So, it will depend upon the hours you are open, the type of business (online, clothing store, office, etc), your lease dates, and your flexibility. However, to get the maximum results out of your movers, we recommend moving first thing in the morning, starting at the 8 to 10 a.m window. The movers will have the most energy of the day and you’ll have extra time in the day to unpack, organize and get settled into your new location.

What payment options do Collegian Movers accept?


Collegian Movers accepts two payment options for moving services, cash or check. Collegian accepts a certified check, traveler’s check, bank check, or personal check with certain limitations as forms of payment. The foreman of your moving crew will collect the payment for your move. You are expected to pay movers before they unload the moving truck at your destination. Optionally, you may pay at the time your goods are loaded onto the truck at the origin. Just let your Sales Representative know which form of payment you prefer.

What Should I Expect When Moving?

Here is what to expect when moving with Collegian Movers.

  • Competitive, accurate, and comprehensive estimates
  • The knowledgeable, caring and service-minded office staff
  • Well stocked, clean, and reliable equipment
  • Uniformed, trained, trustworthy, and courteous crews

Our fully licensed and insured Connecticut moving and storage company believes that everyone should be provided with the same level of quality service and courtesy, regardless of relocation size or scope. As such, our A+ BBB-accredited business has a reputation that tops the charts on Yelp, Google+, and Customer Lobby. Hence, we are certain you will be completely satisfied with your move from start-to-finish.

When do I pay for my move?

You are required to make all payments for your move prior to the completion of delivery. All other payment arrangements must be made in advance. Additionally, you may choose to pay at origin (before the move) or at the destination (before delivery). Collegian Movers accepts several payment methods for moving services. These include cash, personal check (returned checks will be charged a $25.00 fee), cashier’s check, and money order. When using a check, you may pay using either a business or a personal check. Please make all checks payable to “Collegian Movers Inc.” If you have any additional questions about your move, please speak with your Collegian Movers Sales Representative.

Long Distance moves must be paid prior to unloading the truck at the delivery location. Local Moves are to be paid on move day.

All charges for moving must be paid prior to completion of delivery. Forms of payment accepted are cash, personal check, cashier’s check, and money order.