What information do I need to get a piano estimate?

Be sure to have the answers to the following questions, to get the most accurate piano estimate in the least amount of time.

  • Type of Piano: You need to have the Make and Model and size.
  • Style of Piano: Is your piano an Upright, Baby Grand, Console, Spinet, etc.
  • How Tall is your Piano? The height will determine the # of men needed to make the move.
    • If your piano is an upright, we will need the measured height and length
    • If your piano is a baby grand, we will need the measured height from the keyboard to the long end
  • What is the Value of your Piano?
  • Where are you Moving your Piano? Please provide the to and from locations; origin and destination locations.
    • Are There Steps Involved with the Move?
    • Are There Any Turns to Get to the New Location?