What information do I need to get a piano estimate?

5 Things To Know Before Calling For A Piano Moving Estimate

Be sure to have the answers to the following questions, to get the most accurate piano estimate in the least amount of time.

1.) Type of Piano: You need to have the Make and Model and size.

2.) Style of Piano: Is your piano an Upright, Baby Grand, Console, Spinet, etc.

3.) How Tall is your Piano? The height will determine the # of men needed to make the move.

  • If your piano is an upright, we will need the measured height and length
  • If your piano is a baby grand, we will need the measured height from the keyboard to the long end

4.) What is the Value of your Piano?

5.)Where are you Moving your Piano? Please provide the to and from locations; origin and destination locations.

      • Are There Steps Involved with the Move?
      • Are There Any Turns to Get to the New Location?