How Much to Tip Movers?

Wondering How Much To Tip Movers?

You are not alone! Our moving prices do not include gratuity. Tipping is optional and greatly appreciated by our movers. So, if the movers did a great job, please feel free to tip them. Note that there is no “industry average tip.”

As a guideline, tips for movers typically range from 10% to 20% of the total bill. If you prefer to tip per mover, consider $20 to $30 per person for short distance local moves and $50 to $60 per person for long distance moves. Moreover, if your move was complex, time-consuming, or the movers provided exceptional service, it is acceptable to tip them more.

When to Tip More

Tipping movers more shows appreciation for exceptional efforts in certain situations. Complicated moves with narrow stairs, steep lots, heavy furniture require extra time. If a move takes 12+ hours, it’s demanding for the crew. Handling fragile items with care demonstrates expertise and deserves appreciation. Personable movers who go the extra mile should be considered for a higher tip. Efficient work, swift completion, and help with setup reflect dedication to excellent service, deserving extra recognition.

When to Tip Less

Consider tipping movers less money in specific situations. For instance, when they arrive late or with the wrong-sized vehicle, causing delays. Another case is when they work slowly, overwrap materials, or move inefficiently. If you end up doing most of the work despite hiring professionals, adjusting the tip is reasonable. Mistreatment or damage to your items also justifies reducing the tip due to their lack of care and professionalism.

Forgot to Get Cash?

If at the last minute, you realize that you forgot to get cash for the movers tip, or you feel awkward handing out cash each individual movers, simply call the office and ask your move coordinator to add an amount to your bill of lading.

How to Tip Movers

When it comes to tipping your moving crew, you have a few options to consider. You can choose to tip each mover individually, recognizing their individual contributions, or you can give the tip directly to the lead mover, who likely had the most communication with you. Ideally, it’s recommended to tip each mover at the end of each day, particularly when tipping for multi-day moves where the crew may change slightly each day. This helps avoid any potential issues with dividing the tip fairly among the entire crew. Collegian Movers advises following proper etiquette by tipping each mover individually and suggests against giving a lump sum to the foreman. Ultimately, the decision on how to distribute the tip is yours, keeping in mind the dynamics and fairness of the situation.