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Packing and Moving Company in CT

Collegian Movers is a moving and packing company. Its packing services include packing, unpacking, and disposal. Our house packing professionals can pack your entire home, a few rooms, or just your fragile items. We are committed to reducing the labor burden, making it easier for you during the moving process.

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Types of Packing Services

  • Full Packing Services
  • Partial Packing Services
  • Specialty Packing Services
  • Fragile Item Packing Services
  • On-Site Custom Crating Services
  • Disposal of Packing Materials
  • Unpacking Services

Why Hire Collegian Movers To Pack My Home?

  • Reduces the most stressful part of moving, the packing process.
  • Professional packing teams ensure your valuables are properly handled.
  • Packing services free up your time to do more important tasks.
  • Using trained professional packers minimizes move damage.
  • Charge an hourly rate for packing services.
  • This is the fastest option to move out of a home or place of business.

Expert Packing to Help You Move Faster

Our packing services are available for both residential and commercial moves. Moving your home or moving a business is labor-intensive both mentally and physically. To make your move go smoother we offer full packing and moving services.

House Packing Services

To help you relax we offer full packing and moving services. We pack and move nearly anything, including your prized possessions, wine vaults, pianos, chandeliers, china, tableware, electronics, flat-screen TVs, artwork, and antiques. No move is too big or too small for us.

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Professional Packing Services

Full-Service Packing

  • Hire our professional movers and packers to pack your entire home or office. This is the fastest option to move out of a home or place of business. It removes the emotional aspect of packing. We assure your items are packed safely, secure, and handled with care. With this option, you have an entire team of packers dedicated to packing your home.

Partial Service Packing

  • Hire our professional packers to help you pack your entire home. We will only pack the items or the rooms that you specify. This speeds up the process to complete the task. It costs less than full-service because it takes less time when you are one of the helpers. We highly recommend that you have Collegian Movers trained packers take care of your fragile items. Packing done by professional packers assures your items arrive at your new location in one piece.

Fragile Packing Services

  • We offer single-item specialized packing services, to help protect your most valued possessions. Our movers and packers receive extensive training on how to build high-quality custom crates. They know how to properly pack, wrap, and protect your fragile, delicate, and priceless items to assure they are safe and secure during transport.

Pack Your Own Boxes

  • This is also referred to as “Packed by Owner” (PBO). This option means that you will be doing all of the packings yourself. On move day, everything is already packed, sealed in boxes and ready to go. The movers collect your boxes, furniture, and other items and load them on the moving truck. They do not pack any of your items.

Unpacking Services

  • We also offer unpacking services, if needed at your final destination. Our professional movers and packers can unpack your belonging and organize each room for you.


  • Collegian's packers receive extensive training on how to build high-quality custom wooden crates to protect your priceless items safely and securely. Statues and chandeliers are items that often require custom crating.

Empty Box Removal

  • Finished unpacking? Instead of lugging dozens of boxes to the recycling center or dealing with dissembling for the town pick up, hire Collegian's moving crew to pick up all your empty boxes.

We're Connecticut's Packing Experts

Our professionally trained packers will wrap all of your items securely in protective pads to prevent scratches and other incidental damage during the move. Be sure to point out any fragile and delicate items to our packing crews so that they provide special attention to them when packing and moving.

Collegian Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company and all of our Connecticut movers and packers follow the established industry best practices. These include the safest and most efficient packing methods so that you have a great moving experience.

Collegian Mover’s equipment is meticulously maintained and operated by highly skilled professionals. Our fully equipped trucks are specifically designed to help reduce the chance of goods being damaged during transit. We have a large fleet of clean, fully-equipped moving trucks, trained, and courteous personnel, and a reputation for quality in the moving industry.

Please look at our  Helpful Moving Tips for more detailed information about Packing Supplies and Packing Tips. You will find a wealth of useful information on the overall packing process.

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Packing Up Connecticut One Box At A Time!

Packing For Your Move

We know packing for a long-distance move is often challenging. That’s why our professional packers are trained to pack your belongings safely and securely to avoid damage. We offer packing supplies and moving boxes at a cost-effective price. Our professional packing services are meant to help you move with ease.

Box of Packed DishesPacking and Unpacking Services

Our packing services allow you to pack and move as much, or as little, as you desire. We offer partial packing service, which is like an extra set of hands to help you to pack up your delicate items and other possessions and to help you to get your packing done fast. Additionally, we offer full packing services, where we will pack up your entire house. This service includes packing dressers, closets, basements, attics, and more. Just let us know your needs and we will take care of the rest.

Basic Packing Services

Collegian Movers offers a Basic Packing and Unpacking Service, where we will unpack a few items and arrange your furniture as indicated by you on move day. Additionally, we offer packing and unpacking helpers to work alongside you to provide packing help for a move.

Premium Packing Services

Collegian Movers offers Premium Packing Services and premium unpacking service, where we will unpack all of your belongings, place clothing in drawers, and bathroom items under your sink, and put away all of your dishes in the kitchen, and place all of your furniture in a pre-move specified location. You decide on the level of service you need. We do the rest.

There’s no such thing as being “too careful” when it comes to packing up your items!

Packing Supplies and Moving Boxes

Being organized well in advance of the move, and being prepared on the day of the move are the most important steps to a good move. To accomplish these two things you will need to start organizing and packing early. Deliver packing supplies and boxes to you weeks before your move date, to ease the process.  You can start packing boxes early or you can hire our team of professional packers to come to your home or office a few days in advance of the move and pack your moving boxes for you.

Hands holding a piggy bank and a house model. Save money when moving. Reduce your Moving CostsSave on Home Packing Services

Remember that you will need to remove everything out of one location and bring it to the new location, including the items stored in the attic, basement and in all of your closets. Often times, you will have more items hidden in these storage areas of your home than you realize. Start sorting through these areas and purging some of the clutter that you don’t need. This may be a good time to donate outdated clothing, hold a tag sale, give away old toys, or to open an eBay account to sell your unwanted items online. The fewer items you actually move, the more you will save on your move. For more ideas on how to save on your moving costs see our moving tips.

Disposal Services

Collegian Movers proudly offers collection, eco-friendly recycling services, and disposal services for our residential, commercial, industrial, and construction customers. We provide professional moving and disposal services for large items, old appliances, and unwanted furniture.

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High-Quality Dedicated Packing Service

Collegian Movers provides high-quality & dedicated service. Our areas of expertise include packing and unpacking service, packing and moving services. As industry leaders in CT and long-distance moving, you can trust Collegian Movers to have the knowledge and experience to complete your job safely and efficiently. Let our exemplary customer services team take care of all the details of your move for you.

Packers and Unpacking Services Near Me

Our local movers and packers cater to the Connecticut area. We can handle your move from Milford, to New Haven, Bridgeport or Greenwich. As a full service moving company, our Connecticut relocation team arrives equipped with everything needed to pack, load, or store your items and to ensure that your journey to your new home is a safe one.