Do You Offer House Furniture Removal?

Furniture Removal & Disposal

Yes. We offer house furniture removal and disposal services. We recycle & donate used items. Collegian Movers works with charitable organizations to give new life to unwanted, yet usable items. Additionally, we can remove your furniture and bring it to a new location or keep it safe for you in our storage facility.

Our moving crews can remove an entire house of furniture or simply the few pieces of furniture you need to get rid. Our furniture removal services are especially handy when you have new furniture being delivered. As most furniture companies do not offer removal services.

For more tips on furniture removal and or how to dispose of furniture, see our blog post on How To Get Organized And Declutter. It talks about organizational method and has a list of removal and donation centers with in Connecticut. If you need help with house furniture removal, give us a call. We’d be happy to lend a hand.