Specialty Moving Services

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What Specialty Moving Services Do You Need?

There’s packing to be done, family to be taken care of, and priceless pieces of art that need to be protected. Here’s where you can learn about all of the specialty moving services Collegian Movers offers to its clients.

Specialty Moving Services

Leveraging over 30 years of experience, Collegian Movers has the skill and ability to accommodate nearly every kind of moving service you may need. Our motto of “The Smart Way to Move” which means that we use our experience, knowledge, and training when moving special items to work smarter to flawlessly handle your specialty moving needs. Whether you’re moving with high-end furniture and art, instruments, heavy items, or simply need to declutter or stage your home, we can simplify the process as a one-stop shop.

Mover Specialty Services

Here are a few specialty mover services that we can tackle for you!

Antique & Fine Art Moving

There’s no such thing as being “too careful” when it comes to packing your special antiques and fine art. Learn about our specialty custom crating and packing for large, delicate, and priceless pieces that need to be moved.

Piano Movers

Are you looking for piano movers to move your BosendorferSteinwayBaldwin, or Yamaha piano? Collegian Movers has moved them all. We have local piano movers in Fairfield and New Haven counties and can help with all of your piano moving and storage needs.

Dump Runs

Do you have items you need to dispose of, but they are too big for the weekly pick-up? Well, you are in luck! Collegian Movers can pick-up and dispose of any items you no longer want. This service is regularly added to many of our moves. Don't waste time calling another company to take away your unwanted items. We can do it all for you, which save you time and money.

Hire a nearby packing services to pack your home.

Moving Single Piece of Furniture

Need help moving a single piece of furniture or a specialty item? We can help! One-item movers can help shift one couch, one room, or your entire home. Don’t risk damaging your single item during transit or your own safety. Our in-home furniture movers have the experience, skill, and technical know-how to safely and efficiently move your single item. Large items & heavy furniture we've moved recently include an oversized vanity, extra large television, a commercial freezer/ice maker, a refrigerated bakery case, and an outdoor sculpture.

Specialty Moving Boxes

Our boxes and supplies, paired with the right packing methods, are crucial to the success of your move. Check out our expert advice regarding specialty moving boxes and get all the information you need. Additionally, you will find pictures of specialty cardboard boxes and specialty moving supplies to help with your move planning.

Donation Site Delivery

Giving your old sofa or bedroom set away? Give Collegian Movers a call and we will help you relocate your items to the destination of your choice. Often these items are too large for individuals to relocate, but our strong movers and trucks can handle the job for you.

Office Moves

Is your business or office moving locations? Collegian Movers is here to help with your relocation. We specialize in moving office furniture, including bulky desks, filing cabinets, file boxes, photo copiers, and electronics. 

Young happy couple moving in their new house with the help of same day movers

Same Day Moving

Need to move today? We understand a lot can change in a day and life can throw us some surprises. Given that fact, moving is sometimes unpredictable and has to happen last minute. Collegian Movers has been helping Connecticut residents with their local and long-distance moves last-minute moves for decades. Serving Fairfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut.

moving boxes

Packing & Unpacking

Packing and unpacking may seem like the most obvious part of moving. However, packing can make a huge difference on move day. Properly packed boxes can save money, damage to your items, and time spent loading a truck. Use these helpful packing ideas to show you how the professionals pack the most common and specialty items.

Move Tips

With almost 30 years of moving experience, we know what it takes to get your move done right. Use these how-to-move tips from our moving experts to help you to reduce the amount of stress you experience when moving, improve your moving experience, and to stay within your moving budget.

What Are Specialty Movers?

Specialty movers are moving companies that specialize in relocating items that require extra care and attention. A specialty move is considered the move of valuable or unique items. These items may include large pieces of furniture, antiques, machinery, pianos, and artwork. Specialty movers are experienced and knowledgeable in the delicate handling of these items and often use special packing, lifting, and transportation techniques to ensure their safe arrival.

What Are the Top 10 Specialty Items That Require Specialty Movers?

Specialty movers are important when it comes to moving larger, more delicate items. Here is a list of the Top 10 items that require the assistance of a specialty mover:

  1. Grand pianos
  2. Antiques
  3. Artwork and sculptures
  4. Hot tubs and spas
  5. Carpets and rugs
  6. Large furniture pieces
  7. Electronics
  8. Pool tables
  9. Fireplaces
  10. Exercise equipment

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