How Much Do Movers Cost? Infographic

So naturally, you're asking yourself "How Much Do Movers Cost?"

As a professional moving company, we know the biggest factor affecting your decision in choosing a mover is how much a moving company costs.

So, we tried to make getting that question answered as easy as possible!

Try our free moving cost calculator to estimate moving costs and find out how much movers cost in CT.


How Much Does It Cost To Move?

Let us know where you're moving from and the location of the house to which you are moving.

Then, use the drop-down function to select the size of your move, the type of entrance, the services you need (i.e.: packing services, moving with storage, etc.), and your move date.

Finally, we'll use this information to give you an accurate cost estimate for your upcoming move.


15 Factors that Affect How Much Moving Companies Cost

Collegian Movers has created a list of the top moving services and moving add-ons that affect how much it costs to move.

Are you are moving and trying to stay within a realistic budget? Then, you know that it is important to know where your money is being spent.

So, knowing what factors go into the final pricing of a move and what expenses to consider when moving is an important set of facts to know.

To help you to financially plan for your upcoming move, we have put together an infographic of 15 moving expenses that can affect the final pricing of your move.

Infographic On How Much Do Movers Cost And Moving Quote Explainations


Find Out How Much Your Move Will Cost

Collegian Movers is a reputable Connecticut Moving company that makes premium moving services possible for any need and budget.

Call today to learn more about our relocation and storage solutions.

As a starting point, we welcome you to use our interactive estimate tool.

This tool will help to answer the most commonly asked question; "How much does it cost to move a house?"

We look forward to answering all of your questions, and providing you with a hassle-free, and swift relocation experience!



This is an easy and fast way to get a moving quote. No need to worry about someone physically walking through your home during this time of Covid-19.

Everything can be done remotely over the phone, computer, or tablet. No physical contact with an in-home estimator necessary.



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Discover How Much It Costs To Move In Three Simple Steps


1.) Tell us about your move. Where you are moving to and from, the date you need to move, and what needs to be moved.

2 ) Receive a free competitive moving quote for professional movers.

3.) Review the quote and modify the moving, packing, and storage services you need. Then confirm your move.


We hope you enjoyed our moving info-graphic.

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