How Much Do Movers Cost?

So, you want to know how much do movers cost? Try our free moving cost calculator to estimate moving costs and see how much it will cost to move.

How to Calculate Moving Costs

Let us know where you’re moving from and the location of the home to which you are moving. Then, use the drop-down function to select the size of your move, the type of entrance, the services you need (i.e.: packing services, moving with storage, etc.), and your move date.

Finally, we use this information to give you an accurate cost estimate for your upcoming move.

15 Factors that Affect Moving Quotes

Collegian Movers has created a list of the top moving services and moving add-ons that affect the price of your move.

Are you are moving and trying to stay within a realistic budget? Then, you know that it is important to know where your money is being spent. So, knowing what factors go into the final pricing of a move and what expenses to consider when moving is an important set of facts to know.

To help you to financially plan for your upcoming move, we have put together an info-graphic of 15 moving expenses that can affect the final pricing of your move.

Infographic explaining 15 factors that affect moving quotes.

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We hope you enjoyed our moving info-graphic.

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