How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Collegian Movers Boxes Stacked to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Learn how to prepare for a long-distance move with these simple tips, whether you are moving across the state, across the country, or to another country altogether.


Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Moving is stressful at the best of times. But when you’re moving across the country rather than moving across town, it adds to the number of preparations you’ll need to make. These moving tips will help your long-distance move easier.


Packing and Moving

One of the biggest concerns you’ll have during a long-distance move is the condition of your belongings.Couple Packing and Moving Their Home


If you’re using a moving company, you’ll want to make sure you trust them to handle your belongings with care. To ensure that they’re responsible movers, read over their reviews online. It’s also a good idea to review their contracts and to make sure you have enough cargo coverage on your goods to cover any costly damages or losses. Speaking of moving companies, be sure to discuss long distance moving rates and the delivery windows with the moving company you choose.


When it comes to packing your items, err on the side of caution and start boxing items well in advance of your move. Not only is it a good idea to label your boxes by room, but you should put your name and contact information on your boxes if they’re being shipped by a large moving company.


Remember that not everything needs to be in a box. Soft items like clothing and towels can easily be packed in trash bags, suitcases, and duffel bags. You’ll be able to squeeze in more items and they’ll take up less space in the moving truck.


When filling the moving truck, be sure your fragile items aren’t the top box on a stack of boxes. Similarly, you don’t want fragile belongings underneath too many heavy boxes. Professional movers and packers are trained to stack and secure boxes properly in their moving trucks. So, be sure to indicate to your movers which boxes are the most fragile with labels. Also, be sure to point out items that need extra care, to your movers upon their arrival.

Long Distance Moving Companies Rates

Hands holding a piggy bank and a house model to illustrate saving money for movingThe cost of your long-distance move will depend upon the distance you are moving and the number of items you are moving. By using our online moving cost calculator, we can help you to determine the size and cost of your move. The price of your move may increase or decrease depending upon how you choose to customize your move. When you are considering how to prepare for a long-distance move you may want to consider adding some of these services.


Here are some moving services to consider that may affect your long-distance moving company rates:

  • Are you packing yourself? Or do you want to include packing services?
  • Do you require storage?
    • Storage Options (long-term storage / short term storage)
      • Long-term storage may be necessary for items that may not fit into your new location.
      • Short-term storage may be necessary if your closing gets delayed.
  • Will you be adding additional cargo coverage to your move? Or does your homeowner's insurance cover your move?


Downsize your BelongingsDownsize Your Belongings

The month leading up to your move is a good time to sell or donate items you no longer use. It could save you space on the moving truck, and you could earn a few extra dollars before your big move. Plus, you are paying to move every item, so the less you move, the more you save.


Larger items should be your top priority. Bicycles, lawnmowers, and other big items that you’ve been thinking of replacing can be sold now and you can buy new ones at your future home. However, don’t discount the weight and size of things like DVD and book collections. Many people lug around bookcases from house to house and hardly ever touch the books on them. Furthermore, technology like Kindle and Netflix is making owning physical copies of your media less of a necessity.


Before you start packing the rest of your items into moving boxes, make sure you set aside a “survival kit” filled with your daily-use items. Things like cell phone chargers, glasses, contacts, and medications should be in your vehicle or carry-on, not in the moving truck.


Save MoneySave Money Free Estimate Hand Dropping Coin Into Piggy Bank

Moving is expensive, but there are a number of ways you can squeeze some savings out of the experience. Be ready to go, when the movers arrive. Packing always takes more time than you think. So, start packing early. It is important not to waste time, especially when you are paying to move by the hour.


When it comes to getting to your new home, don’t rule out flying as being the most expensive option. If you’re making a road trip out of your move, hotels, gas, and eating out add up quickly.


Finally, see if your move is tax-deductible. If you’re relocating for work, there’s a chance some of your moving expenses are deductible. If so, be sure to keep all of your receipts along the way.

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