What type of payment do movers accept?

Paying For Your Relocation

Collegian Movers provides customers with two convenient forms of payment options when utilizing their moving services: cash or check. To ensure a smooth transaction, Collegian accepts certified, traveler’s, bank, and personal checks with limitations for smooth transactions. When it’s time to settle the payment, the foreman of your moving crew collects the funds.


Paying For A Long Distance Move ?

For long distance moves, Collegian Movers adheres to a specific payment procedure. By adhering to this payment requirement, you can ensure a hassle-free experience and a successful relocation. Per federal regulations, pay before unloading at your destination. For any moves crossing state lines or exceeding 50 miles, a certified check is the designated payment method. You can alternatively choose to pay for the move at the origin to ensure a seamless transition to your new home. Transitioning to your new home should be stress-free, and by considering this alternative payment method, you can start your journey with greater confidence and ease.


Paying For Your Short Distance Move?

When it comes to local and short distance moves, Collegian Movers has a payment policy in place. Payment in cash or personal check is required upon completion of the move, ensuring a seamless transaction. The foreman takes charge of preparing the bill, a comprehensive document that meticulously outlines the services provided and the corresponding charges. This detailed record serves as an essential reference, showcasing the professionalism and transparency of Collegian Movers throughout the moving process.


Payment Arrangements Made Easy

To ensure a seamless payment process, it is essential to communicate your preferred payment method to your dedicated Sales Representative. Collegian Movers aims to accommodate your payment preferences for cash or check, ensuring convenience.

Rest assured that Collegian Movers prioritizes transparency and professionalism in all financial transactions. By offering multiple payment options and clear guidelines, they aim to provide a hassle-free and customer-centric experience.


No Deposits Needed to Book!

Great news! Collegian Movers doesn’t require upfront down payments or deposits to book your move. Enjoy a worry-free booking experience.