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Moving Is Stressful and Sometimes Expensive.

Use these insider tricks to keep your moving costs down and start saving today.

Minimize Moving Costs (limit the number of boxes and other packing materials used)

The best way to reduce your moving costs is to reduce the number of boxes you are relocating. We suggest you move less stuff. Consider that you will be charged for everything you move and that you will not want to clutter your new home. Make piles of things to keep, things to get rid of, and things you are questioning keeping. Pack the keepers. Sell, donate, or discard the things you are sure you do not want. For the questionable items, consider packing them in a box marked 6 months and moving them to the new home. If after 6 months you have not opened the box to find the items, you should put it in the reduction pile.

Book Your Move In The Off-Season

If you have any flexibility in when you can move, try not to choose June, July or August. Your flexibility can lead to lower moving costs. The moving season follows the season for real estate sales and moving companies tend to be busiest during the summer months. As for days of the month, the last days of the month are usually the busiest and prices may be higher for those dates year round. If you have flexibility on move dates and or months, it may pay to mention it to your moving consultant when booking your move.

Be Ready To Go, When The Movers Arrive!

Packing always takes more time than you think.  Start the packing process as soon as you know you are moving. Firstly, gather packing materials, boxes, tape, markers, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. Next, start sorting what you are packing and pack boxes by room for your new location. This will help keep you organized when you are unpacking in your new location. You want to be ready the day of the move when the movers arrive. Delaying the movers because they have to help you pack, will result in charges for the extra labor time and materials used. If you will not have the time to pack everything yourself, consider hiring your moving company in advance to provide full or partial packing services. Pack a day or week before your move. Being packed ahead of time assures you are ready to go when the movers arrive.

Hire Movers To Move Only Your Hard To Move Or Extra Large Items (Piano's / Refrigerators)

If you are considering moving items yourself to save money when moving, you may want to consult with a moving company just to move your big items. This way you can move all the small stuff and boxes yourself or with the help of friends and family, saving you those extra hours a moving company would charge you to move the same items. This will reduce your hourly charges and won’t break your back trying to move those heavy or bulky items.

Furniture Disassembly And Re-Assembly

Disassembling and reassembly of furniture will add extra time to your move, which affects your final bill. To save yourself time and money, consider disassembling and re-assembling these items yourself. A helpful tip is to take a photograph of the item before you take it apart and to save all screws, nuts, bolts, and wires together in a separate bag and then tape it onto the item for safe keeping. This will help to assure all the pieces stay together and that everything travels together to the new location.

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