What Do I Do If I Need To Change My Moving Inventory List?

Understanding the Moving Inventory List

A Room By Room Based Inventory List

When you move, create a comprehensive record of all items to be relocated with a moving inventory list. This complete list typically includes furniture, appliances, and other belongings, providing a systematic overview of your possessions. The ability to manage this list online offers you unparalleled control and flexibility in organizing your move.

How To Update Your Estimate to Move

If you find the need to make changes to your moving inventory list, follow these steps for a smooth adjustment:

Online Edits Of Your Home Inventory Checklist (Pre-Confirmation):

Please take advantage of the convenience of our online platform to manage your moving inventory list. You can log into your account and make any necessary additions, removals, or modifications until you have confirmed your move.

Contact Your Move Coordinator For Help With Your Inventory List (No Computer Access):

Without computer access, promptly contact your dedicated move coordinator via phone or email. They are ready to help you with any adjustments or updates you need to make. Changes might affect your cost estimate.

Confirmation Stage For Your Move:

Remember, once you confirm your move, you cannot make online edits; instead, you must communicate any changes by calling the office. It is crucial for you to reach out to our office via phone to make any necessary adjustments once your move is approved.

Office Communication About Your Last Minute Inventory Changes:

After confirming your move, contact our office by phone to discuss any additional changes or updates to your moving inventory list. Our team will assist you with the necessary adjustments.

Following these steps ensures a responsive and accommodating process to accommodate changes to your move, guaranteeing a more accurate and tailored relocation experience.


Get Your Complimentary Moving Quote

If you’re looking for a preliminary understanding of costs, our Collegian Movers Branch is ready to give you a complimentary moving quote. Contact them directly to address your questions and obtain a personalized estimate tailored to your specific moving needs. Trust in Collegian Movers for a seamless, efficient, and customer-focused relocation experience.