Do Movers Offer Extra Stop Options?

Collegian Movers: Your Top Choice for Multiple Location Moves

We specialize in accommodating multiple location moves, including pickups from or drop-offs to different addresses for a seamless moving experience. We have designed our moving services to accommodate moves involving multiple locations and offer extra stop options. So, if you have belongings spread across multiple homes, storage units, or apartments, or if you are combining two separate residences into one new home, such as in the case of a marriage, you may require a moving company to make multiple stops. Rest assured, we are more than happy to assist you with picking up items from two different addresses.

Pickup Services

When contacting our moving company, please provide us with the necessary information. This includes the addresses of both locations and a detailed list of the items you need us to move. This will enable us to accurately assess the scope of the job and provide you with a customized estimate.

For local moves, pricing is based on an hourly rate due to additional time and effort required. If you have multiple stops, remember to consider the time spent traveling between each location. Hourly charges will continue to accrue while your belongings are in transit, including any potential delays. As a result, a move with multiple stops may have a higher cost compared to a single stop. However, our team of experienced movers will take great care in handling and transporting your items between the various locations.

For long-distance moves, there may be additional fees for multiple pickups, particularly for distant or complex locations. Working with your estimator is essential to find the best solution that meets your requirements.

Drop-off Services

In addition to our pickup services, we take great pleasure in accommodating multiple drop-off locations as well. We accommodate deliveries to multiple destinations, such as storage facilities, donation sites, or distributing belongings to relatives/friends. Our movers will make necessary stops, whether it’s your new single-family home, a storage facility, or any other delivery point. To ensure a smooth process, please communicate with your agent ahead of time and label items for different drop-off locations.

We aim to provide comprehensive moving services for convenient management of your relocation, including pickup and drop-off. You can rest assured that we will safely and efficiently deliver your belongings to each designated place.

Important Considerations for Moves with Multiple Locations

Please be aware of any building restrictions that may impact your moving plan. Ensure your schedule aligns with your building’s guidelines. When booking a move with multiple locations, scheduling the first move of the day guarantees a set start time.

Please note that the second moves of the day don’t have a guaranteed start time. Movers cannot guarantee specific timing if your high-rise building requires a reserved freight elevator time slot.

Additionally, for storage facility moves, we cannot guarantee arrival before closing if you have a second move scheduled. Ensure after-hours access for timely moving.

Schedule Your Multiple Location Move

When contacting our moving company about your multiple location moves, communicate your specific requirements for pick-up, drop-off, additional services, and potential fees. We prioritize your moving experience and strive to make it as seamless as possible. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to assisting you with your move!

Collegian Movers offers expertise in moving from multiple locations. With our simplified approach, we assess your requirements, schedule moves efficiently, and guarantee the transportation of all your belongings together. Contact our local office for personalized guidance and a smooth moving experience tailored to your needs. Trust Collegian Movers to handle your multiple location moves with care and professionalism.
Will Movers Pick Up from Two Locations? Yes Indeed!