Fine Arts Moving & Antique Moving


Fine Art & Antique Movers

Since 1989, customers have enjoyed Collegian Movers' specialty Fine Art Moving and packing services. Our skilled drivers and trained movers provide custom moving solutions for all of your fine art and fragile items, including prized paintings, sculptures, and delicate furniture.


Fine Art Moving and Antique Moving

Best Fine Art Moving Services

  • Moving Quotes Online
  • Handling and Custom Packing
  • Antique Handling
  • Chandelier Removal
  • Fine Art Transportation and Relocation
  • Custom Wooden Crating for your art (single shipment crates & multi-use travel crates)
  • Uncrating after delivery

Art Crating & Shipping

At Collegian Movers, we understand the utmost importance of proper packing, crating, and shipping when it comes to delicate and valuable art and antiques. Our team has honed the art of safeguarding your precious items, ensuring their protection every step of the way. To guarantee secure transportation, we go the extra mile by customizing crates tailored to your specific shipping needs. These crates provide an added layer of security, ensuring that your fine art, precious artifacts, and cherished memorabilia are braced for a safe journey to their final destination.

Packing Supplies

During the transport process, we spare no expense in safeguarding your items. Our expert movers utilize top-grade packing supplies such as moving blankets, shrink wrap, and packing tape to provide maximum protection against any potential damage. Each item is meticulously wrapped, ensuring that it is well-insulated and shielded from any potential impact. Moreover, we utilize protective wraps like foam wrap for glass and wood items, along with bubble wrap, moving blankets, and sturdy wooden crates for an added layer of security. Recognizing the significance of durable packing materials, we prioritize the use of extra-strong moving boxes, understanding that thin cardboard won't suffice for heavier items like antiques. By employing these high-quality materials, we give you peace of mind, knowing that your delicate items are in capable hands.

Trusted Professional Movers

At Collegian Movers, we recognize that your art and antiques hold immeasurable value, both monetarily and sentimentally. That is why our commitment to their safety is unwavering. With specialized materials and packing techniques tailored for fragile belongings, from porcelain figurines to delicate artwork, we ensure safe transit, while minimizing the risk of damages. Our professional movers are adept at handling delicate items with the utmost care and attention, treating them as if they were their own. Choose Collegian Movers for professional, reliable, and trustworthy handling of your most delicate belongings, ensuring they arrive at your new home in pristine condition.

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Antique Movers

You demand the Finest Care for your antiques. So, we assure you that your items are handled with care by specializing in Custom Crating & Handling. To do this, our movers and packers receive extensive training on how to build high-quality custom crates and how to properly pack, wrap, and protect your priceless items safely and securely.

There’s no such thing as being “too careful” when it comes to packing your antiques and fine art!

Keep your Priceless Items Safe

Collegian Movers has nearly 3 decades of experience in the moving and storage industry. Due to this experience, our movers and packers are highly qualified to safely transport your delicate items, no matter the size or shape.

In conclusion, Collegian Movers treats you and your precious pieces with the finest care. We provide custom-designed moving solutions to assure that your items will be moved safely and as a result provide you with peace of mind.

Antiques and Fine Art Movers

Benefits of Collegian's Antique and fine arts moving

  • Trucks featuring lift gates for careful and safe loading and transport
  • Expert packing and custom crating services
  • Highly-trained and Experienced movers and drivers
  • Employees trained in the Art of Moving
  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates
  • 24-hour tracking
  • Moving cargo coverage options available
  • Start-to-finish assistance with a professional move coordinator
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Certificates of Insurance for Building requirements
Fine Art Moving and Antique Moving

High-Value Art and Antique Moving Services

You should feel confident while using Collegian Movers for fine art and antique shipping. We have extensive experience and conscientious workers. Our workers care about and prioritize your high-value art and antiques as if they were their own.

High-value moving services are what our customers expect and receive. As a result, they get the attention they demand and deserve.

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Connecticut Fine Art Shipping Services

You may have questions regarding our high-value shipping services for your fragile items. Our courteous salesmen know everything there is to know about moving. They can quickly answer almost any moving questions that arise. Most noteworthy is our clientele. We provide art shipping services to art dealers, interior designers, hotels, auctioneers, and private and personal art collectors. In addition, in the past. We have even moved to Connecticut and New York art galleries and museums with irreplaceable artwork.

Our professional movers are courteous, strong, skilled & trustworthy. As a result, they will make your move a seamless and enjoyable experience with our customized moving services. Our customers make the smartest choices by hiring the BEST MOVERS, Collegian Movers to be their antiques and fine arts movers.

Antique Furniture & Art Movers Near Me

Looking for Antique Fine Art MOVERS NEAR ME to help move your valuables? Well, you're in luck! Collegian Movers has movers located throughout Connecticut. We most likely have a moving truck in your area! Plus, our service areas even extend beyond CT. In fact, we offer long-distance moving and have movers in NYC daily. So, check out our moving company service areas today to book your fine art movers today.

Fine Art Storage Facility

Our Connecticut furniture and fine art storage facility is also a convenient collection and storage center to use for temporary, short or long term storage. To make it easy, moving storage solutions combine the transport of your fine art from your current location and the delivery to your CT storage unit into one easy option. First, our professional movers pick up your things. Secondly, they deliver them to the storage unit for you. Thirdly, when you need your items again, we deliver them right to your doorstep.

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