Home Services to Set Up Before You Move

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If you recently bought a house, congratulations! Now, you just need to pack up your belongings, finalize your home purchase and hire the movers to relocate you to your new address. You also may want to set up the following services prior to completing your move. This way you’ll be ready to sit back and relax and enjoy your new home. So, start by taking these next steps.

Set Up These Home Services Before You Move

Postal Mail

When you move to a new location be sure your mail knows where to find you. You don’t want to miss important information because it is going to your old address. Therefore, take a couple of hours prior to moving your home to change your address with the post office. As a result, they can help direct all mail to your new address. You can do this at your local post office or by filling out the online change of address form here (https://moversguide.usps.com/mgo/). Also, be sure to call those memberships, credit cards, and other companies who use your mailing address and ensure they have the updated info too. When you complete your address change online with the post office you receive access to over $750 in exclusive mover coupons! Making all of your address changes online is convenient for you and good for the environment.

Icon for Moving Home to a new location Places To Notify of Your New Address:

  • Financial Services (Banks, Investment companies)
  • Utility Companies (Electric, Cable, Internet, Water, Gas)
  • Government Agencies (Post office, DMV, IRS, Social Security)
  • Insurance (Car, Health, Dental, Life, Homeowner/Renters)
  • People (Friends, Doctors, Employers)
  • Online Services (Retail websites, Streaming services, Payment services)
  • Memberships (Magazine subscriptions, Retail clubs, Gym memberships)


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What good is a new house that doesn’t have electricity? Our Connecticut movers know that discovering you have no electricity on move day is not an ideal situation. Fortunately, if you contact a local electric company in your new home’s city or town; you should have no trouble having the electric services turned on for you when you need them.

Customer Service

Typically, an electric company employs friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives who can answer any questions you may have about their services. So, you can call the electric company in the new city or town you are moving to and, speak to a customer service representative who can get you the help you need. And, as a result, quickly set up electric services.

Are You Moving to Connecticut?

Connecticut is one of about 15 states where energy is actually deregulated. That means its residents don’t have to buy electricity (or natural gas) from a utility company. Instead, they can purchase energy from suppliers who compete on price, renewal energy mix, term length.

There are several sites out there that can help you to compare prices. However, these are the larger energy company choices in CT

Internet Connection cables plugged into the back of a computer after the move

Cable and Internet

In many cities and towns in CT, there are multiple cable and internet service providers available. Therefore, if you should allocate time and resources, so you can review all of your options. In the end, you may find a quality, affordable company for cable and internet services.

As you evaluate cable and internet service providers in your local city or town, don’t forget to ask lots of questions. By doing so, you can find out what types of services are available, as well as the prices associated with these services.

Price Quotes

We suggest you get several quotes for these services, as prices may vary. As a result, when you receive multiple quotes, you can more easily decide which cable and internet services provider offers the best value.

Oftentimes, if you turn off your current services prior to moving to your new location, you can negotiate a better rate than you had previously at your old location, as they will consider you a new customer.

Are You Relocating to CT?

To give you a head start, we have listed the largest cable and internet companies in Connecticut below. Again, we suggest getting this decision made prior to moving to your new home because you may just want to relax after your move and perhaps watch a great movie!

Running Water onto hand over sink. Turned on before the move Water

The next thing you should focus on is who to contact to get your water turned on in your new location. That way, you can contact the company in advance and ensure that you have water available in your new home, as soon as you arrive. This will surely be an important item to check off your list because there is nothing better than taking a hot shower after a long day of moving!

Additionally, before you leave your old home we suggest taking a photo of the readings on your water and gas meters. That way, when you get your final bill from the utility company you’ll have something to compare it to.

Where are you moving to?

Below are some of Connecticut’s Water Utility companies to use depending upon the Connecticut town you are moving to. Follow this link for a full list of CT town utilities.

Moving to Bridgeport? Call this company, before you move:

Moving to Fairfield? Call this company, before you move:

Moving to Greenwich? Call this company, before you move:

Moving to Hartford? Call this company, before you move:

Moving to Litchfield? Call this company, before you move:

Moving to Middlesex County? Call one of these companies, before you move:

Moving to Milford? Call one of these companies, before you move:

Moving to New Haven? Call one of these companies, before you move:

Moving to Norwalk? Call one of these companies, before you move:

Moving to Shelton? Call this company, before you move:

Moving to Stamford? Call this company, before you move:

Moving to Trumbull?  Call one of these companies, before you move:

Moving to Waterbury? Call one of these companies, before you move:

Moving to Westport?  Call one of these companies, before you move:


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Phone Service

If you have lived in your home for a very long time, you may want to keep your home phone number. And yes, this is a viable option! To do this you just need to request to port your landline phone number to a cell phone. Then, you can bring it with you. This way when friends and family try to reach you, they can still dial your old number! The whole process can take 1-2 weeks, so plan to call your cell phone carrier about 2 weeks before your move date. Just make sure you DO NOT Cancel the Service with your current carrier until the number is completely transferred over to the new device and you have confirmed it works.




Below are some telecommunication companies in Connecticut that provide landline and cell phone services.



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We wish you success & happiness in your new home!


If you have any concerns about moving or would like to begin the process of getting a moving quote, please speak with one of our helpful moving experts or go online to get an instant quote right now!


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