What Movers Will Not Move?

What Movers Won’t MoveItems Movers Will Not Move In Their Moving Trucks

Moving to a new state in the US? There are important things you need to know about what movers won’t transport. Several states, including California, Arizona, and Florida, regulate the transportation of plants. However, for this discussion, let’s focus on items you should not move from Connecticut to any state in the US.

Moving Plants Have Limitations

First, let’s talk about plant transportation regulations. If you’re moving, be sure to check the specific rules in your destination state. You can typically find this information on the respective state’s Department of Agriculture or a similar government website. Dispose of your plants beforehand to avoid any pest-related issues.

Here’s What Your Movers Won’t Move

Professional movers cannot transport a list of non-allowable items, regardless of your destination within the US.

  • 🚫 Hazardous materials like corrosives, bleach, and chemicals
  • 🚫 Combustible or flammable items such as propane tanks, gasoline, paint, and charcoal
  • 🚫 Pets (make alternative arrangements for their relocation)
  • 🚫 Explosives like fireworks and ammunition
  • 🚫 Perishable food
  • 🚫 Valuables such as cash, personal documents, jewelry, and medicine

Here is What You Should Not Move with Movers

During a move, there are specific items that movers should not transport due to their extraordinary value. Moreover, these items encompass articles that hold irreplaceable, sentimental, or significant monetary worth, such as jewelry, money, photographs, antiques, and stamp collections. To guarantee their utmost safety and alleviate any undue stress, it is highly advisable that you personally carry these items with you.

Extraordinary Valued Items

You MUST follow these steps if you have extraordinarily valuable items that you want to include in your shipment:

1️⃣ Inform the movers in advance about these items.

2️⃣ List each item separately on the bill of lading with their current value.

3️⃣ Declare all these items in writing before the move for proper documentation.

Remember, coverage is ONLY provided for items listed on the bill of lading. Consider purchasing additional homeowners or home renters insurance outside of the moving company for extra coverage.

Move These Items on Your Own

We advise you to personally pack and move the following valuable and extraordinary items during any relocation:

    • Birth certificates, passports, and other forms of identification
    • Medications
    • Expensive jewelry
    • Collectible items such as stamps or coin collections
    • Photos
    • Sentimental items
    • Personal electronics
    • Important documents

By diligently following these guidelines, implementing necessary precautions, and taking proactive measures, you can confidently ensure the utmost protection of your belongings throughout the entire moving process. Happy moving!