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Piano Movers CT

We know playing the piano takes practice, skill, and hard work. Moving a piano does too. With over 25 years of practice, our piano moving crews are in tune with one another and have mastered the proper techniques on how to move a piano safely and securely.

Collegian's professional piano movers have experience in moving all types of pianos. Our expertise includes moving spinet, console, parlor, upright player pianos, baby grand pianos, concert grands, and grand pianos. Let us know if you are looking for piano movers in CT to move your BosendorferSteinwayBaldwin, or Yamaha.  Collegian Movers has moved them all and can handle moving your piano too.

Collegian Movers has moved and stored pianos in the Connecticut area for the last three decades. We have the expertise and experience to safely move your piano to your desired destination.

In addition, our trained and professional moving teams have experience in moving harpsichords and organs.

Piano Movers Near Me

Are you searching for local piano movers near me? Well, you are in luck! Collegian Movers has local piano movers in Fairfield and New Haven counties of Connecticut. We can help you with all of your nearby piano moving needs.

As one of the best piano movers in Connecticut, we’re known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ needs because we want you to feel comfortable leaving your piano in our care.

Look no further! Your search for a dependable piano moving company near me has been answered.

Call us today for your free piano moving estimate.

We specialize in reliable, affordable, expert piano moving and storage.

Piano Moving and Storage

Door to Door Piano Movers

We are a full-service moving and storage company, in Connecticut, experienced in moving all types of pianos.

Fully Licensed and Insured Piano Moving Company

# CT LIC. C -589
# U.S. DOT. 482141

Affordable Piano Moving and Storage

Safe, secure, affordable piano movers and storage

Long Distance Piano Movers & Local Piano Movers

Our interstate piano movers can help coordinate long-distance piano moves. 

Piano Moving Experts

Collegian Movers Inc. has a stellar reputation for moving pianos. Our professional piano movers are experienced at moving all types of pianos whether you are giving your piano to a close relative, donating a piano to your church, or looking for a long distance mover to move your piano to your new home. Don't risk moving a piano without professionals. Our professional movers have expert piano moving skills and extensive moving experience. These skills include clear communication and attention to pre-planning details. We know your piano is valuable and sentimental to you and we are ready to help take care of moving it for you.

Last week we moved a Mason and Hamlin 7’ grand piano for a retired concert pianist.

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Piano Movers Costs

How much do piano movers cost? Well, when calculating the cost of your piano move there are three things to consider.

First of all, the size of the piano is something you will need to know. The number of men needed to move your piano is determined by its size.

The second detail you need to consider is location. When there are difficultly placed pianos, moving companies can come in handy, and are usually necessary to get the job done safely.

The third consideration is where is the piano going to be delivered? When the location is on a second floor, or the piano needs hoisting or to go around tight corners you know you need to call in professional movers.

Piano Moving Services:

  • Professional Piano Movers
  • Piano moving equipment (skids, ramps, pads, slings, piano mover dolly, and specialty piano boards)
  • Moving a piano
  • Piano removal services
  • Piano delivery
  • Wrapping of the piano in blankets
  • Professionally strapping and securing it on the side of the truck
  • Placement of piano in a new location
  • Piano storage
  • White glove piano moving

We will handle your piano with the care it deserves. Let us take care of your piano move in CT and show you the difference Collegian Movers can make. In order to get the job done right, our moving crews are trained in moving pianos and have the proper piano moving equipment needed.

Collegian Movers is fully insured and licensed by both the US DOT and CT DOT.

Long Distance Piano Movers

Do you need your piano moved out of CT?  We can transport your piano over long distances. Let us know where you are going and when you need to be there. Then, hire our experienced movers to get your piano to its new destination. As a result of our 25+ year of experience, and reputation for service, we'll make sure your move a success.

Our trained piano movers provide attention and care to your goods. It is their priority to get you and your piano moved safely, no matter if you piano movers cross country or locally. We are here to help.

Piano Removal Near Me

Looking to move or get rid of an old piano? Collegian's piano disposal team can help you get rid of your unwanted piano.

Even though your piano may have been in the family for years, or you thought you would always pick it up as a hobby, either way, pianos sometimes need to go. When a piano continues to go unused, it takes up takes up valuable space.

We specialize in piano removal services. Call us today to set up an appointment for piano removal near me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to get a piano estimate?

  • What type of Piano do you have? make and model and size
  • Is your piano an Upright, Baby Grand, Console, Spinet, etc
  • How tall is your piano? This will determine the # of men needed to make the move.
    • If your piano is an upright, we will need the measured height and length
    • If your piano is a baby grand, we will need the measured height from the key board to the long end
  • What is the value of your piano?
  • To where are you moving your piano from and to; origin and destination locations?
    • Are there any Steps involved?
    • Are there any turns to get to the new location?