Can I move jewelry or items of extraordinary value?

Moving with jewelry requires extra care and attention to ensure the safety of these valuable and sentimental items. At our company, we understand the significance of your jewelry and the stress that comes with the possibility of losing or damaging it during a move. That’s why we have provided a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this process smoothly.

To begin, it is strongly recommended that you carry extraordinary value items, such as jewelry, with you during the move. These items hold immense sentimental and monetary value, and keeping them in your possession ensures their utmost security. Additionally, we advise packing all important documents separately and not including them with the rest of your household goods. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that these vital documents are always within reach.

However, we understand that in some situations, including extraordinary-value items in your shipment might be necessary. In such cases, please follow the following steps to ensure their protection:

  • Before the packing date or moving day, kindly notify us about the items of extraordinary value.
  • Create a separate list of these items and include them on the bill of lading.
  • State the current value of each listed item to accurately reflect their worth.
  • Declare all these items in writing, ensuring that no valuable item is left unaccounted for.
  • It is important to note that coverage will only be provided for items that have been listed. No coverage is provided for any item not listed.

Follow these steps to ensure that your extraordinary value* claim does not have minimal liability. First, complete and sign the Cargo Coverage Options form. Then, choose and sign Option 2: Actual Cash Value (ACV). And, finally, declare your extraordinarily valued items along with their current value.

If you do not wish to declare any articles of extraordinary value, please complete and sign the Cargo Coverage Options form and choose and sign Option 1. You must also complete and sign the Release of Liability form.

*In the moving industry, we consider items of extraordinary value to be an item worth over $5,000, or worth over $100.00 per pound.

To maximize the liability coverage for your extraordinary value items, we recommend completing and signing the Cargo Coverage Options form. Opting for Option 2: Actual Cash Value (ACV) provides you with the most comprehensive coverage. Additionally, declaring each extraordinary valued item along with its current value guarantees that they are adequately protected throughout the entire moving process.

If you decide not to declare any articles of extraordinary value, we kindly request you to complete and sign the Cargo Coverage Options form, selecting Option 1. In addition, we require you to complete and sign the Release of Liability form to confirm your decision.

While our primary focus is on the security of your extraordinary value items, we understand the importance of guiding how to handle and pack your jewelry specifically. For this reason, we recommend following the advice provided in our comprehensive guide on moving with jewelry. This guide covers essential steps such as separating real jewelry from costume pieces, using a carrying case with sections, and carefully wrapping each item to prevent tangling or damage.

At our company, we prioritize the safe transportation of your precious belongings, including jewelry. By following the steps outlined in our guide and taking the necessary precautions, you can rest assured that your cherished jewelry will arrive at your new destination intact, allowing you to continue enjoying its beauty and sentimental value.

Below is a list of valuable and extraordinary items you should pack and move on your own during any relocation:

  • Birth certificates, passports, and other forms of identification
  • Medications
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Collectible items (stamp or coin collections)
  • Photos
  • Sentimental items
  • Personal electronics
  • Important documents