How do I plan an office relocation?

Are you preparing for your office relocation, non-profit, office, school, library, real estate agency, or other community organization / professional space? You need a good office relocation action plan. Planning and preparation are the first steps towards assuring a successful commercial move. The planning phase generally begins about 6 to 12 weeks before the move. This is when you begin to collect the data you need to create your move plan. Also, be sure to determine what is to be packed, moved, and eliminated. Finally, you need to identify where the items belong in the new space. Furthermore, special office move planning is essential to avoiding headaches, staying on time, and on budget throughout the move.

5 Steps to a Successful Commercial Move

    • Planning (Establish scope, budget, and timing)
    • Preparation (Determine which moving services you need)
    • Timing (Coordinate your move around your business schedule)
    • Packing (Eliminate, pack, and label everything)
    • Moving (Our professional and uniformed movers will handle every aspect of your project)