4 Moving Questions to Ask Before Moving

 Moving Questions To Help You

Begin Your 2022 Move with Confidence and Preparation.

Get prepared for your upcoming move with these frequently asked moving questions and answers.

Moving terms and preparation for a move are confusing. So, we understand that you have questions before your move begins.

Customers often ask us about certain aspects of moving. Below is a list of common questions we are frequently asked. We are sure you can relate to most of them!

Moving Question #1 - How do I choose a mover?

– When people look for a mover they usually ask friends, or scurry the internet for answers, and read reviews. Reviews tend to feel like you are asking a friend for their opinion. They give you a better sense of what to expect from a moving company. In reality, the best way to choose a mover is to find a moving company with years of experience and a proven reputation. Be sure that the company is fully licensed and insured, and has a good rating with the BBB. Hire Collegian Movers, a moving company that offers you dependability, options, and flexibility.

Moving Question #2 - What do I need to know about pricing?

– Pricing is usually a major concern for our customers. Understanding the calculation of your final moving bill is important for accurate comparisons. Many moving companies don’t make it easy to understand the cost of moving. Local moves within Connecticut are typically priced using an hourly rate. Although it sounds easy to compare the rates, be certain to compare the number of trucks, men, fuel surcharges, and the hourly rate. These individual prices may not be the same from company to company. Interstate moves are generally priced using a flat rate. Flat rates make the price comparisons easier. Just be certain that your moving quote includes all the items of furniture you are moving and the number of boxes being moved.

Moving Question #3 - What is the difference between the estimated price and the actual cost of a move?

– Estimates are another top concern of our customers. At Collegian Movers, we provide our customers with free written estimates. These estimates include a detailed list of the items that our clients want to move. The estimate also includes all of the details about their upcoming relocation. Remember, when you are gathering multiple estimates, be sure they are all based on the same details. Therefore, you want to have a consistent list of details to provide to each mover to assure you get an accurate price comparison. Plus, if you forget to include an item or items, in the planning discussions, and then want them moved on move day, your bill at the end of the move will likely increase from the price on your estimate.

Most moving companies base their estimate on the itemized list you provide. So, be as accurate as possible. If you want an estimate that is “right on”, be sure to double-check your itemized list and don’t attempt to leave off any items in hopes of a smaller bill. In the end, it is the poor planning that costs the extra money.

Moving Question #4 - How do I find movers who are reliable?

– What do I do if my movers don’t show up on the day of the move?  First of all, this would never happen with Collegian Movers as we pride ourselves on being 100% reliable. So, when selecting a mover, be certain that they can guarantee you this same reliability. Our customers tell us that they choose Collegian Movers because of our reputation for reliability. We have provided this reliability to our clients for over almost 30 years. Aside from checking out online reviews, also check the BBB to see their ratings and ask friends and families for referrals. Another way to be sure that you are using a reliable moving company like Collegian Mover is to confirm that they are associated with the American Moving and Storage Association or in a partnership with the American Moving Association for Consumer Protection.

Let us answer your questions about moving.

If you have any concerns about moving or would like to begin the process of getting a moving quote, speak with one of our helpful moving experts.


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