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What Is The Easiest Way To Move? Hire Professional Movers!

Find out the five most common advantages to hiring professional movers and book your move without hesitation.

Professional Movers

Hiring a professional mover to move the entire contents of your house is a homeowner’s best way to move. Professional moving companies do everything related to your move for you. This includes packing your boxesmoving your items, and unpacking your belongings at your new home. As a result, moving an entire home is an easy task versus a tedious one without hiring a professional mover.

Hiring Movers versus DIY Moving

People often think that moving is simple, but unless you’re in great physical shape and very organized, we can assure you it’s not so simple. When it comes to moving into a new house, you may also be thinking that a do-it-yourself move is a more budget-friendly option. However, this is a tricky option, because when it comes to renting moving equipment, purchasing packing materials, and buying dinner and drinks for friends who helped you along the way, you may end up spending the same amount or more to move! Not to mention, possible physical injuries and your lost time at work. With that in mind, treat yourself to a free moving quote today to discover the reasonable cost of hiring a moving service near me.


Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Moving Company


1. A Professional Mover Has The Strength To Transport Heavy Items

Strong Professional Mover Lifting a Box

Have you ever gone to a gym for a workout to improve your strength and over-exerted yourself? Well, try moving large pieces of furniture or heavy boxes. Now that's a workout!  Loading and unloading bulky furniture and heavy boxes are what professional movers do all day long! So, they definitely have the strength to get the job done. However, it takes more than just strength to be a great mover. Moving furniture also requires balance, flexibility, using the right equipment, adequate training, and skill!

When it comes time to move, there is no reason to put extra strain on your body. Moving companies intentionally employ strong professionally-trained movers who are happy to move heavy furniture for you, to your new address.

For example, Collegian Movers employs the best professional movers and packers to provide day-to-day support for you during your move. As a result, these experienced professionals take care of your belongings and move them to your new home quickly and safely. Therefore, hiring someone to move heavy furniture for you, can also help you to avoid injuries to yourself or damage to your items.


2. A Professional Mover Saves Time

Professional Mover Loading TruckThe time it takes to plan, pack, move, unload, and unpack can easily consume hours, if not days or weeks. The time adds up quickly. However, with the support of a professional mover, you are able to accomplish these tasks in half the time. With this extra time, you can keep your priorities where they ought to be, on getting settled into your new home and tending to your family's needs.

Most moving companies go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your belongings get to the right location, at the right time.

In fact, our Moving Company works directly with you to fulfill all of your moving requests without delay.

Plus, they work hard to stick to a specific timeline—ultimately saving you time and money!


3. A Professional Mover Helps Reduce The Stress Of Moving

Moving Is StressfulMoving to a new residence or office may seem like a long and complex process at first. Conversely, a professional moving company takes the guesswork out of how to get your belongings to your new home or business. They understand the best ways to navigate the roads and how to handle your belongings to keep them safe and protected.

Additionally, moving companies offer tips to help you prep for moving day and assist you to get your items ready for your upcoming move. Moreover, moving companies employ friendly, knowledgeable moving professionals who are readily available to respond to your moving concerns and questions.

Just knowing that your possessions are in safe hands and that you have access to someone with experience in moving helps ease your mind on moving day.


4. A Professional Mover Has The Experience & Equipment To Keep Your Items Safe

Professional Mover Truck From Collegian MoversWhether you’re moving to an apartment or to a large home in the suburbs, each move comes with its unique challenges. Collegian Movers & Storage is equipped to handle them all. Our movers know how to pack boxes efficiently, carefully move furniture, and how efficiently load a moving truck.

Additionally, we have the proper moving equipment in our trucks and at our warehouse to get the job done right. Some of the moving equipment we use includes; lifting straps, four-wheel dollies, hand trucks, bins, ramps, piano boards, tool kits, and our professional moving trucks.

Furthermore, once we arrive with our moving equipment, our movers also have the necessary experience to carefully pack your belongings into boxes for transport. They know from experience, the easiest way to pack for a move. This includes which packing materials to use and the proper amounts of each. Their shared knowledge helps to assure your items remain safe during your move. This service also speeds up the process of getting your belongings to your new residence.


5. A Professional Mover Is Reliable & Trustworthy

Collegian Mover At Front Door With Moving Box In Hands

Finding a reputable and trustworthy moving company requires some research, but the payoff is worthwhile. We recommend that you ask friends for referrals, read reviews online, and assure the moving company you are using is licensed and insured.

To help in your decision, we'd like to note that Collegian Movers is a fully licensed & insured moving company. We have been in business since 1989 and have an A+ Rating from the BBB. We specialize in professional moving and storage in CT.  Plus, we are one of Connecticut's Top Professional Moving Companies and have moved many Happy Customers for over the past 30+ years.

Choose The Right Movers

So, if you are ready to transport your belongings to your new address, we suggest you Hire Collegian Movers – You'll be happy you did.

From consultation & scheduling, identifying cost savings, to packing and delivery, our professionals get the job done right, every time.


Call 800-966-6838 to find out if we have professional movers in your area.

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Why Hire Collegian's Professional Movers?

Find out about our services and what Collegian Movers can do for you. 


Full-Service Moving

As a 30+ year moving company, our professional movers are dedicated to helping you pack, protect, and move your personal items. We provide this through full-service moving, packing, and storage services in Connecticut.

Whether you’re a young professional moving into a new home, planning to retire in the next few years, or somewhere in between, we’ve got a team of experienced professional moving crews with great attitudes who are excited to connect the dots for your upcoming move.

Professional Moving Experts

Our home office, located in nearby Milford, CT, is a moving-expert zone where we provide answers to questions about your move, calculate your moving estimate, and provide convenient access to all of your personal storage items.

Connecticut Movers

We are more than movers, we are your partners in the moving process. Our full-service moving companies in Connecticut employ high-performing, results-driven household moving crews, and relocation specialists. It's their commitment towards perfecting your free quote and protecting your belongings that make them outstanding movers.

Our professional household movers in CT stay committed to you from the first click to that last box or piece of furniture at the end of your move.


Local CT Movers

Collegian Movers has local movers working nearby, all over Connecticut. Our areas of service include the CT Shoreline and its surrounding area, including New York City and all throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties. Our moving companies in Connecticut travel daily to New Haven, Milford, Hartford, Newtown, Stamford, Westchester County, Westport, and Greenwich. As a result, our moving companies deliver to all of Connecticut on a daily basis.


Long-Distance Movers

We are the go-to moving company for Connecticut residents. This is most noteworthy for those who are seeking long-distance moving companies from CT to FL, NYC, Nantucket MA, Rhode Island, or anywhere outside of CT. Please see a North American van lines company for cross-country moves.


Full-Service Storage

Additionally, we offer storage services, in case you need a few days or weeks before your new home is ready. See our page on storage units to learn more about our full-service storage costs.

Give us a call today to discuss and schedule your upcoming move.


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