Moving with kids and pets: An easy guide

Moving with kids and pets: An easy guide

Moving often represents an overwhelming process for anyone. Yet, it can be more of a challenge when moving with kids and pets. After all, finding a moving company with the same care and attention for your pets can be troublesome. And animals and small children don’t even understand why their homes and lives are suddenly changing. So, if you are planning to relocate soon, it might be best to prepare for how the situation will impact the little ones. This guide is designed to help secure a stress-free move for the family.

Before the move

Talk to your kids about the move

The very first step to preparing your children for the move is to talk about it. Once you have everything confirmed, call a family meeting and break the news in the most empathetic way possible. Make sure to let them know how you feel and encourage them to share their feelings as well. It may also be helpful if you share some of the attributes of the new home, school, etc.

Practice traveling

A good way to avoid a big shock for your children and pets is to practice traveling so that the move will not be their first road trip. If you’re moving a long distance, you can take a few smaller trips during the weeks leading up to your move. This way, you will get your dog/cat used to sleeping in the car.

The moving day

Stick to routine

Try to maintain your usual routine as much as possible as this will help reduce stress for your kids and your pets. This includes sticking to regular bedtime activities, mealtimes, rituals for a walk, among others. When keeping the routine they are used to, you will provide a sense of stability amid the chaos of change.

Ensure kids and pets’ well-being

Moving day is usually a scamper and the little ones can get very stressed with the endless stream of visitors and open doors. If possible, arrange for them to stay with friends or relatives. And, if they are with you, assign someone to supervise them. You can also set up a designated area with their favorite toys and activities until everything is packed up. This can help keep them safe and engaged while the heavy lifting is happening.

Settling into the new home

Discover the new environment

Nothing sparks a sense of belonging like exploring and discovering lovely things around. One good way to encourage your kids to be part of the new neighborhood is to participate in local activities, visit parks, fairs. You can also enroll them in sports or clubs.

In the case of pets, the best way to get them acclimated to the new house is room by room. This is especially advised if you’re dealing with cats. Start with a room that has their food, water, litter and favorite toys and once they feel comfortable in it, they will start exploring the other rooms with no fear.

Establish routines

As we’ve already discussed, kids and pets are highly sensitive to routines for a sense of familiarity. Therefore, establishing routines in your new homes will help everyone settle in. Try to stick to familiar schedules when possible so you will provide a sense of stability.Moving with kids and pets can be challenging, but with careful planning and these tips during the steps of relocation, you can make the transition a smooth and positive experience for everyone.

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