Moving Tips for Senior Moving from Home

Enjoy our Moving Tips For Senior Moving to make your senior transition an easy one.

Moving tips for senior moving from home

Tips For Seniors Who Are Moving from Home

Make A Plan

  • Visualize your move in advance, even when using professional senior moving companies. As a result, you will gain greater clarity about your move. Plus, it removes some of the stress from the moving process when you visualize it in advance. This action also helps to manage expectations and the stress that often comes with moving.

Start Early

  • If you are a Baby Boomer and planning to move, we recommend you get started 2 to 3 months in advance of your move date. We recommend this because it provides you with enough time to put your important documents in a safe place for transporting, de-clutter your home, create an inventory list of what needs to be moved, and to start packing.
  • You should book a moving company as soon as you know where and when you are moving to CT. Scheduling your move in advance has its benefits. It provides more choices and flexibility on moving dates, services, and pricing. These are all important if you want your move to go smoothly.

Make A List of Important Items

  • When moving to a new location, everything changes including your lifestyle. Be sure to think about what you need in your new location. Make a list of what is important to you and what items you want to have around you to make it feel more like home. These items will increase the speed at which you will adapt to your new home. Having familiarity around you in a new space adds comfort and security. By creating a list, you also add a reference to identify items that are important to you. Plus you can use it as a checklist to assure these items arrive safely.

Remove Clutter

  • Before your move get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Clear out the clutter. Plan a garage sale, have a donation truck pick up unwanted items from your doorstep, or give away your family heirloom to deserving family members. If you have a lot of unwanted belongings that are of little value (to anyone), you may want to consider using a junk removal service. If you are short on time when moving, you may even consider renting a dumpster. Remember you are paying to move each item you take with you, so remove clutter and only move what you want or need. You'll save money on your move and have less to unpack.

Stay In Touch

  • Be proactive about your relocation. Alert your friends, family, and neighbors of your new location. Send out announcements about your address and or Phone number changes. Consider porting your long-time home phone number to a cell phone, so your friends and family can still reach you at the same phone number. File a change of address at the post office. Do this so that all of your mail is forwarded to your new location.

Hire Professional Movers

  • If you do not have a lot of time, before your move date, it might make sense to hire professional packers to pack up your belongings. Hiring professional movers and packers speeds up the moving process, as they do not have the same emotional attachment to your possessions that you may have, and they are focused on getting the job done, rather than reflecting on the memories from each item being packed.

Pack A Move-Day Suitcase

  • Be sure to include any necessary medications, emergency phone numbers, and other essentials. You want the first few nights to be as stress-free as possible. So, be sure to include a bag with overnight accessories, such as toiletries (toothbrush/paste, razor, soap, and shampoo), linens (favorite blankets and pillows), and clothing (a few outfits, pj's and slippers/shoes). The easier it is to find items in need, the calmer and happier you will be in your new location.



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