Preparing for Your Move – Packing Boxes

Moving boxes

When preparing to move, you may find that you are not sure where to begin.

So, we decided to share a typical conversation with clients about move preparation. Read on to find out more.


Preparing For Your Move – (Packing Boxes)

When should I begin to pack my fragile and loose items into boxes? Now! That’s right, now!  Packing is one of the 1st tasks that need to be tackled at an early stage. It’s never too early or too far in advance to begin this task.


But I won’t be moving for another three months.

I know, but the same answer applies: start packing now.


But why now?

Most customers wait and believe the task of packing can be accomplished quickly. Experience tells us this isn’t true.


Not Much To Move

Yeah, but I don’t have much stuff, and I’ll only have a dozen or so boxes to pack. Again, experience tells us most customers severely underestimate the number of boxes and materials required to pack their belongings properly.


So, how many boxes do you think I’ll need to pack?

Based on many years of moving individuals and families like yours, our standard answer is that most people will have 12 or more boxes per room. (Check for yourself using our box calculator)


Whoa, hold on.

I’ll only need a few boxes to pack my family room. This may be true, but your kitchen and other rooms require more. Trust us, the averages work.


OK, so what packing supplies do I need to pack?

Great question. Everything fragile needs to be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and packed safely in a box. This includes lamps, lampshades, dishes, vases, clothing, bedding, pillows, mirrors, pictures, glass and marble tops, etc. Loose items include things like hand tools. Are we tired yet?


Where can I find packing materials?

Collegian Movers does sell moving boxes and packing materials for all your packing needs. Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements. You can also purchase materials from many home improvement stores.


Ok, I’m ready to start packing my belongings!

Great! Please feel free to call us with any concerns about your packing needs. And remember, Collegian Movers has the experience and knowledge to pack your precious belongings safely if you need additional assistance.



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