Fairfield Storage

Fairfield Storage

Moving, remodeling, staging, or just in need of some extra living room? Call to reserve your Fairfield storage space today. Get the extra room you need for a low rate with no credit card required.

You care about cost and convenience. That is why storing your items with us is a smart move. Our full-service storage option is more convenient and affordable than renting a self-storage unit. Compare offers and start renting today.

Full-Service Storage in Fairfield

The most notable difference between a self-storage facility and a full-service storage facility is that with full-service storage, we take care of everything for you. Our Fairfield Movers do all the lifting and moving for you. They pick up your storage items, store them safely in our storage facility, and deliver them back to you when you need them again.

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Conveniently Located Near You

When searching for self-storage facilities many people search for a storage facility near them. With Full-Service Storage, you do not have immediate access to your storage items. Luckily, most people don't need to have access to their items 24 hours a day. For this reason, full-service storage makes sense to people who are downsizing, making a temporary move, or just in need of some extra space. Plus, the storage rates are usually cheaper with full-service storage than self-storage. So, why pay more for a service you don't need?

How do I access my storage items?  When you want access to your stored belongings, simply call the office and set up an appointment with our warehouse manager. The manager arranges for you to have access to the facility and to view all of your storage items. There is a fee associated with the appointment.

Full-Service storage frees up your time and energy for other exciting things. All you need to do is schedule the pickup or a viewing appointment with the warehouse manager. We take care of the rest. Think of it as a storage valet service.

Try our moving storage solution. It combines the move out from your current location, and the delivery to your storage unit into one easy option. If you are not moving and only need to store a few items, our movers pick up your things and deliver them to the storage unit for you. Then, when you need your things, we deliver them right to your doorstep.

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Great Rates and Flexible Terms on Indoor Storage

Moving Storage warehouse with vaulted storage crates

Great Rates on Storage

Take advantage of our vaulted storage containers, affordable storage rates, and flexible terms. We offer convenient pick-up & delivery services to make your move into storage stress-free. We do all the work for you, based on your direction and needs. 

You'll see the difference as soon as you hire us. It is easy to use our facility. We have no minimum or maximum requirements on time or rental space. We offer flexible month-to-month leases. Our storage unit sizes have the capacity to store a few of your boxes or your full house of furniture. Furthermore, you can store your items for a few days, a few months, or longer.

No matter how many items or how few items you have to store, we have an affordable solution for you. We offer auto-pay options to help you never miss a payment and to keep track of your storage rental. In addition, you can use our website to secure your storage unit now!

Customer Testimonials

Our customers choose us as their full service moving company because they know that we take care of them every step of the way! They love to rave about us.

Secure Storage Facilities

Your household and commercial storage items are safe with us. Our storage facility contains security monitoring systems, video surveillance, and a fire-suppression system for added reliability.

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about whether or not your personal belongings are safe while in storage. Our storage and warehousing facility maintains bright, clean, safe, and secure storage units in Fairfield.

With Collegian Movers you are not locked into a long-term or a large space warehouse rental contract. As a result, you can downsize or upsize your space at any time.

Our Facility Offers:

  • Premium Facility
  • Parcel Receiving (Loading Dock Delivery)
  • Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Long-Term/Short-Term Storage Options
  • Flexible Month-to-Month Leases
  • Convenient Access Hours
  • Award Winning Customer Service
  • Boxes and Packing Supplies Available
  • Moving Storage Options
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Pros and cons written on paper and pinned on. Showing the benefits of Full Service Storage

Pros and Cons of Full-Service Storage

Full-Service Pros

  • Typically full-service storage is less expensive than a self-storage.
  • The storage unit is professionally loaded, so more fits in it.
  • Furniture is protected with pad and shrink-wrapping.
  • Only authorized personnel are permitted into the warehouse, for increased security.

Full-Service Cons:

  • Access to your items is limited to the company’s hours of operation.
  • Appointments are subject to warehouse manager's schedule.
  • Not a great solution if consistent access is required.

Alternative Delivery Location – Designers Freight Delivery In and Out

Ship, receive and store items for your customers. Designers often utilize our convenient delivery location as a collection point for their larger projects. They collect furnishings for their client’s homes and have them delivered and stored at our facility. Then, once the order is complete, we deliver the entire shipment to its designated location.

Our Fairfield furniture storage facility is a convenient collection and storage center to use for temporary storage. Storage is most helpful while staging a home for sale, during a renovation, or a remodel. We receive and inspect all deliveries for damage. In addition, we consolidate and store the items until they are ready for delivery from our Fairfield, CT storage facility.

Renovation Storage

Construction Tools for Renovating a Home. Collegian Movers Storage is another tool needed to keep your possessions safe during construction.

Keep Your Possessions Safe During Construction

Homeowners often use our short-term storage options while upgrading or remodeling their home. In particular, you can hire us to remove your household contents before construction begins, to give the workers extra room to work, and to keep your home furnishings clean and safe during the renovation. Once the renovations are completed, Collegian Movers safely returns your items back to you.

Contractor Storage

Contractors utilize our delivery location to receive furniture, fixtures, and equipment. They have their kitchen cabinets, marble tops and other building materials shipped to us and stored in their unit. Our shipping, receiving, and warehousing services allow contractors to have their items readily available and on-hand when they need them. Therefore, saving time, money and aggravation.

Our warehouse managers assure that all of the items are received, inspected upon delivery, and handled safely while in storage. In addition, our professional movers deliver your goods to your site, upon request, when needed.

Logistic Management

Logistic Managers often take advantage of our comprehensive warehouse and moving services. Our team acts as a seamless extension of their business. We ensure that furniture, fixtures, and equipment are received, handled, shipped, and delivered safely, reliably and on-time to your chosen location.

Business Storage

Create more work space and increase the productivity of your company. Remove the clutter from your office with our business storage units. Give your business the space it needs to grow!

Our warehouse can be used to store business records, excess inventory, seasonal promotional items, product samples, files, furniture, and more.

Our facilities in New Haven, CT, where we offer storage services

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Rest Assured

You can trust Collegian Movers for a faster, more efficient, and cost effective storage solution. We've worked hard to establish our proven reputation with renters, home buyers and sellers alike and we stand by our promise to deliver premium storage services. As experts, we are in the business of protecting and storing your prized possessions, furniture and belongings. Our company has helped families and businesses with their storage needs since 1989.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer temporary storage?

Some of our locations have on-site storage which provides our clients with temporary storage options. Our moving services accommodate overnight storage, hold-over storage, and temporary storage. When a holdover is necessary, our moving crews safely store your items on our trucks or in our warehouse. In addition, our moving services include long-term storage solutions for people who are moving long-distance or overseas. Our storage warehouse is able to store your items for a few weeks, months or years. In addition, we offer storage in transit (SIT) for those who need overnight storage to be held on our moving trucks for next day delivery. This type of storage is very handy when your closings are on different dates. Depending on the reason you need temporary storage in the first place, you may want to rent a unit that best fits your needs. Call us today to discuss your storage options.

How do I access my full service storage vault?

Collegian’s CT Storage is a full-service storage facility. We do not offer self-storage units. We pick up and move your storage items. Next, we carefully pack and inventory your items. And finally, we loaded them into your personal storage vault within our warehouse. When you need to access your storage in Connecticut, simply contact Collegian Movers to schedule access to your storage units. Storage access is based on availability and made by an appointment for a small charge. A pro mover will assist you with access to your storage units. Alternatively, you can call and ask us to deliver specific items from your inventory list. Our crew will deliver them at a convenient time for you.

Check out our blog for ideas on How to Get Organized and Declutter before moving into Storage?

Storage FAQ’s: How Is My Storage Unit Protected?

Collegian Movers Storage takes great pride in protecting your belongings. We strive to provide you with a state-of-the-art Storage Security Systems. Our warehouse is monitored by camera and video surveillance, and secured with multiple alarm systems, fire suppression system, and well-lit corridors. Every item in our Connecticut Storage Facilities is inventoried and tagged before being placed in a secure storage vault. Plus, each vault is individually labeled, locked, and supervised by our in-house warehouse manager. Your items are safe with us.

Does Collegian Movers Offer Storage?

We do offer short term or long term storage options at our centrally located 25,000 square foot warehouse. Our storage units are located in a full-service facility. The warehouse type storage is located at 674 Naugatuck Ave. between Riverside Drive and Kent Street in Milford CT.

Our full service storage facility makes storing your items easy! We do all the lifting and moving for you. As part of the storage service, Collegian Movers pick up your items to be stored, brings them to our facility and safely stores your items for you. Then when you need your items, we deliver them back to you. Please ask for more details concerning our clean, vaulted and secure options.

We offer secure and affordable Storage for both Local and Long Distance relocation. Give us a call today to reserve your extra space. You’ll be happy you did!