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Collegian Movers Moving Supplies – Home Moving Labels for Boxes

Are you moving? Organization and preparation are the keys to a quick and seamless move. For moving supplies, we recommend using our handy free printable moving labels. They will help you get organized faster. Use our free organization tool to label your moving boxes with a designated room at your new location.

The house moving box labels provide a clear place to indicate locations for the boxes and as a result allow the movers to better plan and simplify their moving process because they know exactly where the boxes belong at the new location. The box labels for moving help both you and your movers. It may also increase the speed of your move and as a result reduce the expense of your move.

Removable Labels

Collegian Movers recommends choosing a removable adhesive label as they will stick firmly, buy lift cleanly from most surfaces, including furniture, walls, and doors. Use this moving precaution to help protect your furniture and your home from the sticky residue that can be left behind when using a regular sticker. In the end, this means less clean up for you once your move is complete.

Inventory Tracking

It is a best practice in moving to keep track of your home’s inventory. To do this label each set of boxes by room and number the boxes in each set. Next make a moving inventory list of the full set of rooms and total number of boxes you have labeled on a separate inventory sheet to keep track of all of your boxes and possessions you are moving.

An inventory sheet will give you peace of mind on move day. It will provide you with a quick check and balance to assure that all of your boxes have arrived safely and the moving labels identify moving box contents to you will know what is in each box with out even opening it.

Home Moving Label Directions

  • Click on the desired Room Label to open the printable room moving labels
  • Print your customized labels on using Avery #05151 tags, which are 2 1/3” x 3 3/8”
  • Label each box and add a number to each set of rooms (1 out of 10, 2 out of 10, etc.)
  • Create an Inventory Sheet to the number of boxes for each room

Free Printable Home Moving Labels for Boxes

(Click on the Name of the Room You are Moving)Moving Labels | Boxes with Free Packing Label

BASEMENT Moving Label (PDF)

STORAGE Moving Label (PDF)

OPEN FIRST Moving Label (PDF)

OFFICE Moving Label (PDF)


MASTER BATH Moving Label (PDF)

LIVING ROOM Moving Label (PDF)

KITCHEN Moving Label (PDF)

GARAGE Moving Label (PDF)

FRAGILE Moving Label (PDF)

FAMILY ROOM Moving Label (PDF)

DINING ROOM Moving Label (PDF)

BEDROOM Moving Label (PDF)

BATHROOM Moving Label (PDF)