Testimonial #13

Here I am in a perfectly decorated new home, everything in place, all signs of moving have disappeared.
Edward, Garrett, Joe J., Damon C all ably led by Clemente, Womak, have made this move by Collegian Movers Inc, a pleasure and a resounding success!

They wrapped everything meticulously, not a crack any place: they organized beautifully and one by one; first everything disappeared; and then miraculously it all reappeared, boxes opened and emptied, paper disappeared all trash gone and VOILA my new perfect home!
This group of men Ed, Clemente, Joe and Damon were like an orchestra! They moved together and worked cheerfully while focused on their work and were so easy to be around. They were all gracious and thoughtful with me and with my frantic cat.

My daughter and son-in-law came the second day, and said that Collegian Movers are the best they have seen and they have moved many times, as have I. “I agree!”

An all around 3 cheers and 2 thumbs Way Up!! For Clemente Womak, Edward Garrett, Joe T and Damon C and GEORGE who arrange it all and held my hand and MATT who selected and directed the men. Thank you so much!!

Warm Regards,

– Milford, CT

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