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Moving to Stony Creek?  Collegian Movers loves moving your things from the mainland to the unique Thimble Islands and all around Stony Brook.  In fact we have spent the last 30 years proudly providing the moving and storage needs of Stony Creek and Branford.  Collegian Movers is the “go to” moving company in Stony Creek and its surrounding areas.  If you are moving out of Stony Creek or into Stony Creek and need of Storage for your things, look to your trusted movers at Collegian Movers.

3 Interesting things you might not know about Stony Creek.

Stony Creek is a coastal village located in Branford, Connecticut which has several unique attractions: the Thimble Islands, the Stony Creek Puppet House (now the Legacy Theatre), and the Stony Creek Museum as well as a small public beach, town docks with a boat launch, a playground and a public library.

Novelist Ayn Rand spent her most memorable summer in Stony Creek in the late 1930’s while her husband, Frank O’Connor did summer stock. She wrote the climax of her novel “The Fountainhead” there.

Stony Creek’s natural resources are some of the finest granite in the world. If you are lucky enough to have granite table tops and are hoping to move them, realize that the sheer weight of them may leave you second guessing your decision. However, Collegian Movers has expertise in handling heavy, delicate items and would be happy to assist you with your upcoming move or internal shift.

Simply the best Stony Creek movers

The most important people in the world think we’re the best Stony Creek movers: Our clients. You can search and ask every homeowner in Stony Creek about the best Stony Creek movers, but we think you’ll keep coming back to us. Collegian Movers is committed to its Stony Creek neighborhoods and customers just like you. Our talented team of moving experts and stellar customer service has you covered in and out of Stony Creek Connecticut and beyond!

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Stony Creek, CT Movers

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