Piano Movers in CT

Piano Moving in CT

Collegian Piano Movers in CT are experienced in moving all types of pianos, including spinet, console, parlor, upright player pianos, baby grand pianos, grand concert and grand pianos.  Whether you are looking for piano movers to move your Bosendorfer, Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha or any other piano, Collegian Movers has moved them all and can properly handle moving your piano.  Let us help you get your piano where it needs to go.  We also have experience in moving harpsichords and organs.

Piano Movers in CT

Collegian Movers Inc. has a stellar reputation moving Piano’s.  Our piano movers in CT are experienced at moving all types of pianos whether you are giving your piano to a close relative, donating a piano to your church, or looking for a long distance piano mover to move your piano to your new home.  Our professional movers have expert piano moving skills and have extensive moving experience, including clear communication and attention to pre-planning details. We know your piano is valuable and sentimental to you and we are ready to help take care in moving it for you.

Last week we moved a Mason and Hamlin 7’ grand piano for a retired concert pianist.

To properly estimate your piano moving needs we will need to know the type of piano – make and model, size – the measured height on an upright and length on a grand from the key board to the long end and any stairs, steps or turns at both origin and destination locations.

Our Piano Moving services include:

  • Moving of Piano
  • Wrapping of Piano in Blankets
  • Professionally Strapping and Securing it Against the Side of Truck
  • Placement of Piano in New Location
  • Piano Storage

Be sure to include the value of your piano so we can quote the additional valuation coverage option in your moving estimate.  We offer two types of shipment protection for Moving: Full-Value and Basic Liability.

We will handle your piano with the care it deserves.  Let us take care of your piano move in CT and show you the difference Collegian Movers can make.

Collegian Movers is fully insured and licensed by both the US DOT and CT DOT.

Call us at 800-966-6838, email us at sales@CollegianMovers.com or use our contact form to obtain a quote and schedule your piano move.