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Glastonbury Movers provide Free Quotes at affordable prices. We offer packing, moving and storage in the local Glastonbury area. Our storage can be as short as an overnight stay to get you to your closing date, or short term to hold your furniture until you can relocate down to Florida, or long term storage in case you are searching for your next move or have decided to give downsizing a try.

Moving to Glastonbury?

If you are thinking of Moving to Glastonbury CT, which is located roughly 10 miles southeast of Hartford, the state’s capital city, Collegian Movers can help to make your transition a smooth one. This picturesque town is well known for its outstanding public education and exceptionally high quality of life. There are many historic sites, lush parks and open spaces for your family to enjoy. It also runs along the CT River and boasts beautiful riverfront properties.

We look forward to helping you settle into this wonderful community.

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