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State: State:
Zip Code: Zip Code:
Size of apartment Size of apartment
Elevator: Elevator:
# of floors # of floors
You will need: PackingUnpackingStorage
Type of Service:
Living Room
Sofa Loveseat
Occasional chair Recliner chair
Ottoman Coffee table
End table Entertainment Center, large
Rug Piano upright
Piano baby grand Exercise machine
Entertainment center, small Curio cabinet
Stereo cabinet TV stand
Dining Room & Kitchen
Dining table Kitchen table
Dining/Kitchen chairs China cabinet
Buffet Microwave
Microwave cart
King size bed Queen size bed
Double/Full size bed Single/twin size bed
Bunk bed Futon
Single dresser Double dresser
Triple dresser Armoire
Wardrobe cabinet Night stand
Crib Change table
Appliances & Electronics:
Exercise machine, small Skis
Golf bag Power tools
Large refrigerator Small refrigerator
Freezer Stove
Dishwasher Washer
Dryer Heater
Air conditioner Vacuum cleaner
TV regular TV big screen
Computer Printer
Fan DVD Player
Stereo components Large speakers
Patio table Patio chair
Umbrella Misc. garden tools
Snow blower Edger
Push lawn mower Bicycle
Toy chest Lamp
Floor lamp Mirror
Picture Tool chest
Sewing machine cabinet Suitcase
Boxes: Estimated number of boxes to be moved
Items of extraordinary value: