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Moving to or from Connecticut? Hire the Best Professional Movers in CT Collegian Movers!

Collegian Movers Inc is the top choice for movers in CT looking for full-service residential moving and storage services. We have been in the CT Moving business since 1989. We offer full service local, long distance, and international moving and packing services and climate controlled storage services. Additionally, we offer Commercial Relocations and Office Moving in CT and out of state. Our professional CT Moving Company crews have the knowledge and experience to complete your job safely and efficiently and an exemplary customer services team to take care of all the details of your move for you.

Whether you need professional long distance movers to get you from Miami FL to New Haven CT or Greenwich, CT to London or local movers in CT to get from Milford to Stamford, Fairfield or Shelton, we have the professionally trained movers to get your job done right. Fully licensed and insured, all of our CT movers follow established industry best practices so that you have a great moving experience.

Thanks to word of mouth and repeat customers, Collegian Movers Inc. has consistently earned the highest A+ ranking given to Movers in Connecticut by the Better Business Bureau, Five Star Reviews, and Best in Class Awards from surrounding towns, making Collegian Movers the top choice for moving companies in Connecticut (CT Movers). Our personal attention to your move and to your special needs is why so many have trusted and chosen Collegian Movers for their big moves, small moves, and moves of precious items and prized possessions, wine vaults, art and antiques, pianos, office moves and local & long-distance moving needs.

If you need storage in Connecticut, our secure, climate controlled, and vaulted Milford, CT Storage facility is the first call you should make.

Our Milford, CT storage facilities come in handy when you can’t move in right away, are downsizing , or just got married and don’t have room for the pool table or other items. Don’t trust your belongings to just anyone. Every item in our CT Storage facility is inventoried, tagged and crated before being placed in our secure storage vault. Our climate controlled warehouse is protected by both camera surveillance and a fire suppression system. You can sleep easy at night knowing your valuables are safe and secure.

In addition to personal items, many corporate clients use us to store business documents, seasonal promotional items, excess inventories, product samples, office furniture and much more. We also establish special relationships with interior designers who often need a shipping location at which they can consolidate their client’s new furniture, art, and antiques. We will accept these shipments, inspect them for damage, and consolidate them and deliver them when the time is right. If you are looking for a Connecticut Storage expert, you know who to call. The Best in CT Storage – Collegian Movers.

We Are Committed to Our Customers

Collegian Moving Inc is committed to its Connecticut neighborhoods and customers just like you. Our talented team of moving experts and stellar customer service have you covered across the state of Connecticut and beyond!  Start Moving today with our free moving quote.





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